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7 Tips to Create a Truly Unforgettable Brand Name

Now the global financial situation is looking more promising, and people have increased levels of confidence in their national economies, it’s unsurprising so many normal people are opting to leave their traditional jobs and...

right website

The Final Liftoff: Launching Your Website Right

You’re preparing for liftoff.  The target market is identified; the ecommerce elements in place; and, all necessary and intriguing copy written.  Launching a site is an exciting time for a business, and to supplement...


Oracle WebCenter Portal Advancements

Working from home 20 years ago usually meant that a person was a homemaker. Today, telecommuting is becoming more popular as companies strive to improve efficiency, lift employee morale and help make the environment...

Cloud computing

Importance of Iaas for all businesses

The “as a service” platforms It is impossible to go into the subject of IaaS without first discussing the much larger realm of cloud computing. “The cloud,” when used in the context of computers,...