Create an Awesome 3D Text Effect

Hi everyone, today we’ll create an amazing 3D text effect, for this we will need a little bit of help from our illustrator and Photoshop. We’ll give our text effect a very unique out of this world look; seriously we’ll make it look kind of like falling meteorite. So before we start, let’s see what ingredients we need; Photoshop, illustrator, star brush set and a few fractals. You can create your own fractals using Apophysis. I’ve use these 1 and 2.

Now let’s have a look at our final result:-


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Tips for Buying Websites

If you want to succeed on online business, you must have at least one well-established website that has thousands of visitors. Naturally, it takes years to establish a good website and generate thousands of daily traffic. Unfortunately, many people usually want to earn money immediately and they do not want to wait for years. In the beginning, all webmasters must pass through years of struggle to finally earn large amount of profit every day.

RAOK Suggestion #15 Buy something on the internet (more…)

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Gain Success in Selling Products with Twitter

Nowadays, people are more aware with the technology usage. They use technology to make their life easier. Social network is one of the technology parts that used by most people all over the world. With the social network, they can connect themselves with others around the world without having time and distance limitation anymore. They cannot only reconnect with their family, friends and relatives, but also with people that they don’t know before. At this point, social network can be used as an effective and efficient way of business marketing. Business owners must be smart on using every opportunity that they have in order to develop and enhance their business.
Twitter (more…)

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Digital Web Copy Layouts and Typography Inspiration

The study of typography is a grand subject which breaks down into many components on a website. User experience and layout mechanics is what keeps designers studying blocks of paragraphs. Digital text is our latest pioneer as a race and shows how much can be accomplished through science and innovation.

For web designers new and old alike I’ve shared a strong collection of typography from around the web. Below I’ve added over 40 websites which demonstrate unique and inspirational examples of digital type. These include menu components, headings and paragraphs, item lists, sidebar widgets, webpage footers, and much more!

Ordering such a large collection of digital web copy into one gallery should bring about great strides in creativity. Web designers are often looking for the greatest trends to sweep their project work through the roof. Page text makes up most of your website content and thus requires careful attention to detail.

Area 17


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Cast No Doubt On Facebook

Who is that person, who uses Internet but has not heard about Facebook? It is simply not possible. Facebook is one of the social networking sites that have seen the highest growth rate. If Facebook could be considered a country it would be the world’s fourth largest country. Facebook is known to have added 100 million users in a period as short as 9 month! It is quite evident now: Social Networking and specifically Facebook is not simply a trend – it is the future’s way of interaction.

Know Facebook and join the community. Most people become skeptical about websites and social networking communities when they first hear about it. So it is perhaps better to check it out and learn more about it.

facebook business (more…)

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Examples and Trends with Single Page Web Design

Throughout the past few years many trends have emerged on the web. Single page designs are some of the most popular and have shown up time and time again. More recently designers have begun creating single page website layouts as usability and user experience has dramatically improved.

By utilizing simple jQuery effects or Flash animations it’s simple to scroll through single page templates. Authors may place all their information on 1 page which makes updating a breeze! SEO issues can arise with Google passing up page indexes, so be sure to offer an alternative for non-JavaScript visitors. If you haven’t messed around with this system much these trends will surely give you a kick start!

Below I’ve included some great websites which showcase the newest trends in single page design. Minimalism is shined down upon from audiences globally. Many futuristic companies and food chains have found the single-page setup lightning fast – almost incomparable to standard HTML5 web pages!

Bullet PR


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Excellent SEO Tips For Better Web Design

Though there are millions of websites on the internet only some of them perform well while others fail to get the desired traffic. Have you ever questioned why many of the websites go unnoticed on the web and why they do not get any traffic? If you want to drive organic traffic to your website it is very important that your website is search engine friendly. When you are designing your website, you should make sure sound search engine principles are employed. You should look for a web designing company with sound SEO background so that you can have your website built on effective search engine optimization principles. Here are few useful SEO tips for web designing.


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Use of Vector Animals as Mascots in Website Design

The Adobe graphics design suite offers amazing tools for creating vector art. These vectors can be used as web page backgrounds, small UI icons, or even mascot artwork. There are countless companies represented by animals mascots which can be represented in vector art form.

This case holds especially true with today’s new telecommunications which allow designers to share their art over the Internet. Small startups are hatching every day out of Silicon Valley and have continued to show great strength in creativity. Animal mascots are some of the most memorable objects when it comes to branding purposes.

Below I’ve compiled a great set of websites using vector animals throughout the page. Often these line up as mascots or extras in a logo. Sometimes you’ll also see vector animals sewn throughout the page sidebar or footer. Check out our Illustrator logo design tutorials if you’re interested in creating them yourself!

Similarly there are tons of freebies offered in popular design magazines. These include vector illustrations licensed under Creative Commons and open to the general public.



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20 WordPress Code Snippets for Constructive Web Developers

Over the years WordPress has grown into the most popular CMS via the Internet. Its open source status coupled with a deeply committed development team has proven to advance quickly. And with even more web developers starting out today the community has risen dramatically.

Below I’ve collected a set of 20 awesome WordPress code snippets for all users to enjoy. Web developers will especially enjoy the collection as customizing WordPress has never been easier! I recommend applying only the bits of code you would need, and also ensure you add one at a time to avoid any rushed mistakes. (more…)

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Virtually Alive

As recent as 30 or even 20 years ago, the hives of all the social meetings in the country were local clubs, pubs, restaurants or going to each others homes for a nice evening together with close friends. Or in the case of children it was places such as the park, school, the local streets where they lived, an open field to play football in or just run around and go crazy in, the possibilities were endless! However, nowadays there is only one place to meet and talk to friends, and that is sitting at a desk and tapping away on the computer. Social networking is the biggest single growing industry online in the whole world and millions of us are part of it that share online texting quickly and easy.

social media, social networking, social computing tag cloud (#3) (more…)

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Beautiful Collection of Easter Themed Dribbble Shots

Easter of 2011 has just passed and with some great inspiration for designers. From the many networks available there are tons of freelance artists showcasing their work. None stand out greater than Dribbble which features some amazing talent.

Below I’ve included some Dribbble shots focused on the Easter holiday. Some are designs for postcards or e-mail templates. Others are just cute vector bunnies and Easter eggs. But either way the talent is extraordinary and I find great inspiration from these sets!

Easter flower


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9 Considerations for Naming Your Site

Domain name is your first weapon to win the competition on online business. Having a good and easy to remember domain names will give you many benefits. Domain name has the same function with location on land store. If you want to buy domain names for your websites, here are several suggestions to help you get the best domain names.



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