25 Creative and Stunning Examples of Light Graffiti

Light graffiti (AKA ‘light painting’) is a special photographic technique in which exposures (usually made at night) are created using a hand-held light source or by moving the camera. Light graffiti is a well known technique in photography but is highly specialised, difficult and normally left to expert photographers. Performance artists can sometimes be seen creating light graffiti (which can be captured with a photo or video), but either way it makes for great viewing.

Below are 25 examples of light graffiti so sit back, dim your lights and let’s check them out!


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Webpop is the Cloud CMS for Designers and their Clients with integrated SEO and Analytics Tools that allows full control over the design and a very easy and awesome dashboard for the owner of the website to keep up to date the content.  Webpop is absolutely scalable with no creative limitations and no hosting hassles.


Currently, Webpop is the state of the art of the Content Management Systems. Webpophas resolved a very old and complex problem in the field of the Web Design and the Content Management Systems: how to offer a platform to create truly powerful dynamic websites in a very easy way for designers, not for developers, and without using templates and preserving at a very top level the “design”.

It is not a coincidence that the claim of Webpop is: don’t betray your design

Why is it necessary that you, as a designer, has to hire a programmer or to know a lot about hard programming, to build a complete CMS, wasting a lot of money and time, each time that you need a dynamic powerful Website?

Why if you don’t want to hire a hard programmer and waste a lot of Money and time, you have to use a “templates system” and you have to betray your design most of the times?

This problem has been resolved till now in a very inappropriate way because the resolution of the problem is quite complex. That’s the reason because most of the systems works with templates. Templates are a very bad way to keep the quality of your design but a very easy way to create a simple website without coding. Webpop keeps the simplicity for Designers, allows to create dynamic websites without coding and preserves a way to make the design exactly as you did in your graphic design tool (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign…).


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Designing Websites for mobile phones and iPads

Each passing year, the number of users who use their mobile phones and iPads to access internet is increasing at a considerable rate. If one goes by the current trend, there is steep rise in the number of such users and experts have predicted a tremendous growth of mobile web industry.  With this scenario, it has become essential to make website for all types of internet users, whether they use computers or mobile devices for web surfing.

Designers and developers now have to create mobile and iPad friendly versions of the sites to cater to this particular segment (mobile web users). Not doing so will only result in the loss of potential customers.
iPad & Friends (more…)

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Design Study: Food and Recipe Website Layouts

When it comes to web design inspiration you don’t need to look very far. CSS galleries and digital web design magazines are frequently writing about the topic and sharing ideas. However one niche not often covered is geared towards food and restaurants.

Graphic designers have a tough time finding examples of practical layouts for food-themed web pages. This isn’t to say there are a lack of good pieces out there, but rather most galleries are looking and portfolios and company websites. The concept of a recipe website is not so uncommon, yet professional illustrators and web designers are not so easy to locate.

In this brief collection I’ve outlined some great examples of food and recipe website designs. If you’re working on a project for your design agency, freelance gig, or just for yourself I’m sure this collection will give you a creative boost. Chefs from around the world can rejoice with a refreshing breath of new age digital artwork!



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2011: SEO companies are revolving client servicing structure

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“2011 may be the year of SEO redesign”. Well, whether the statement is generic or specific will depend on how you digest it. If you accept the statement, it means you are well-prepared with what is unforeseen. If you don’t, it signifies that you are reluctant to believe in change.

SEO Growth (more…)

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How to produce traffic attracting content

The existence and the progress of a blog depends in a great proportion on the traffic received; few visitors mean poor quality posts, a good amount of readers is equivalent with higher standards. A lot of blogs and bloggers state that the quality of the posts is decisive – true affirmation, but it isn’t the only factor. Definitely, there is no online presence to have a good traffic unless a SEO campaign is launched while getting to the final point with positive results. Other important players in the success of a blog are the spreading through social networks, the age of the respective blog, the topics presented, and the expertise of the authors and so on.

Writing quality posts is pretty easy matter to say, the difficulties come when it is to put in practice. Each blogger has his own little secrets to write valuable posts but these don’t work always and aren’t a 100% sure, the magic recipe of writing only the best articles wasn’t discovered yet. Here is only a list of tips, inspired from my experience and from other bloggers-it could or not work for you but anyway, it is good to read it carefully to see if these could be used by you. I am very happy if someone believes another tip should be added here or, generally, every opinion is welcomed.

1. The process of becoming an elitist blogger is enduring

the-process-of-becoming-an-elitist-blogger (more…)

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Why should you use The Mines Press?

The Mines Press is a full-service commercial printer and promotional products provider that has been helping people fulfill their printing and marketing needs for 78 years. We’re big enough to posses the expertise to get the job done right, yet small enough to care about you and the outcome of your experience with us. (more…)

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Web Design Trends Now in 2011

Web design trends are dictated by the changing needs and preferences of web design customers. The dynamics involved here are highly complex because web design needs are diverse as customers from all possible niches known to us influence the web design trends.

What has to be noticed here is that web design customers are influenced by the changing preferences of the internet users. Previously, when websites were still new a lot of emphasize was given to how beautiful a website looked, Flash elements and dynamism of the websites. The focus was more on the graphic appeal of the websites.

Internet users preferred websites that were beautiful and aesthetically appealing. Today web design trends are different; it is not enough that websites are just aesthetically appealing but they should also be functionally efficient.

Number of people that use the internet has increased tremendously and today consumers are very impatient. Consumers want to find the information they need within seconds after they land any given website. The overall user trend indicates that the average time spent by the internet users in each website has reduced drastically and it is continuing to reduce day by day. If businesses want to impress their customers they need to accomplish that within the given short time. So website design has to respond to this challenge in helping website owners impress their customers and sell the products and services within a short time.

HTML5 and CSS3

html5-css3-blue-logos (more…)

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Is Android the Future for Mobile OS?

This past decade, there’s no hotter issue in mobile technology than Android, the new mobile platform developed by Google and designed to become open source mobile OS. Those people behind Google really understand that mobile technology has important roles on the future as they started to develop Android. Today, when Android platform becomes more and more powerful, it seems like their vision was undoubtedly brilliant.

google nexus android mobile (more…)

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Viral Marketing: How Facebook Revolutionize Business World

Simple idea could produce a great invention with huge impact in our life. I believe that Mark Zuckerberg had simple and off course, visionary idea when he started to build Facebook. But I do also believe that even Zuckerberg himself really surprised how Facebook grows today. It isn’t only the fact that it makes him very, very rich but also the fact that Facebook had huge role starting the so called social media revolution.
Facebook button count is wrong, use RealShare (more…)

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5 Completely Free Grunge Textures

Grunge textures are widely used in web and graphic design. If you enjoy grunge textures, here is a free mix grunge texture Pack.
You will find 5 textures in this pack and they are 1600×1200 pixels. They were created mixing real texture in photoshop

This texture pack  is exclusively released for Skyje readers by Kawsar Ali from Desizn Tech .

Grunge textures


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10 interesting CSS3 buttons tutorials

Using CSS3 buttons makes your website more professional and attractive. Taking the benefits of CSS3 features will make your websites load faster and easy to maintain, you save a lot of time and effort. These CSS3 buttons tutorials are useful and unique, so you will learn some new techniques that you can use in your next projects. Enjoy!

Creating the Perfect CSS3 Buttons

css3 buttons (more…)

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