How To Find Great And Free Sans Serif Font Collections

Sans Serif fonts are fonts without the small protruding serifs included in the typeface. In printed publications, sans serif fonts are employed mainly for headers, rather than body text. In print, body text consists of serif fonts. Online, however, sans serif fonts are typical for body font text. This is thanks to their look.

There are many good collections of Sans Serif fonts on the web, and many are available for free, like:

Comfortaa font

Comfortaa is free for personal/noncommercial use, AND commercial use.

sans serif font

Catenary Stamp font

Catenary blends the transitional and the geometric into a character set that supports many different languages.

catenary stamp

Huelic font

huelic font

Thesis font

thesis font

The following is just one example of how to find free sans serif font collections in four steps.

Step One

Open the search engine of preference. Search by typing “free sans serif fonts,” or a similar phrase. There are many websites from which to select. One such website is Urbanfonts.

Step Two

Open and select the “Free Fonts” tab in the upper left hand corner of the screen. This will bring up a list of free fonts of all sorts – not just sans serif fonts. The website is easily navigable.

Step Three

Next, select “Sans-Serif” from the box on screen which lists available fonts for free download. This will go to a page where there are many free sans serif fonts available for download.

Step Four

Now, select a font of choice. Sans serif fonts come in a variety of styles. There are four main types of sans serif fonts. The first style is called “Grotesque,” and includes many of the earlier sans serif designs. The second is “Transitional.” These are the most common sans serif fonts and are comparatively normal in look.

The third type of sans serif font is called “Humanist.” These look the most like calligraphy lettering, and are varied in appearance. The fourth and final type of sans serif font is “Geometric,” named so because the typefaces in this group are based on geometric shapes.

Finally, download the selected font. Simply click on the part of the screen that says “download” to download the file to the computer.

To conclude, install the font on the computer as per the requirements of the operating system. Installation on any operating system is easy. A quick search of the web results in many installation guides available on various websites.


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