The Five Best Photo Apps

Photo apps for mobile devices are radically changing the way in which we think about taking, framing and sharing our photos in modern society. While everyone has heard of Instagram, there are a huge range of alternative photo apps to keep you taking fantastic photos.

To get you started, we’ve listed our five favorite photo apps.

photo apps

1. 360 Panorama

The 360 Panorama app is a great tool for creating 360º panoramas of your location by stitching together images taken as you rotate on the spot. It does this immediately, with little wait time and produces some excellent results.

Like most photo apps, sharing the results is all part of the excitement and 360 Panorama accommodates this desire by providing the user with the tools to share their pictures across Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. Available for the iPhone, Android and iPad, this is a great addition to any mobile device on which you hope to take photos.

2. Paper Camera

Paper Camera takes a fairly common approach to photography apps, the application of stylistic filters to your photos, and puts a slight twist on the idea. Rather than employing traditional visual filters, Paper Camera utilises cartoon and comic book style effects to create photos with a difference.

The great thing about this app is the way in which it applies the effects as you line up the shot, allowing you to see the results as you take the photo and altering the angle, zoom and framing to suit your needs. Available on the iPhone and Android, this app will have you creating crazy adaptations of great photos in seconds.

3. Camera +

For the serious mobile device photographer Camera+ is the app that will deliver those functions previously reserved for devices solely designed for photography. It includes tools that allow exposure, focus and lighting to be manipulated and even has a tool to solve the most common problem found in mobile photography – blurry shots.

Available on the iPhone, this is definitely recommended for those that have been looking for a little extra control over the type of photos they produce.

4. Colour Splash

Colour Splash has but one function, though it is an incredibly stylish and effective one. The app allows you to turn photos black and white before returning colour to select parts of the photo, creating an amazing finished product.

For those that enjoy colour manipulation and the stylised results this process can achieve, this iPhone app is definitely worth considering.

5. Slow Shutter Cam

The effect slow shutter speeds can have on a photo when utilised well can be spectacular and, though this function only was once only available on purpose built cameras, the Slow Shutter Cam app has now bought this technique to the iPhone.

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