Shaping The Website Design Industry are 73K Professional Designers Using Webydo, See Why

Until recently there was a common opinion that What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get website creators will never be a solution for serious web or graphic design professionals. Ugly templates, poor feature sets, faulty code and other annoying restrictions – these were common misconceptions surrounding the industry. Actually, they still have grounds, as the market is flooded with many low-quality, buggy web services pretending to be state-of-the-art, revolutionary website builders.

Luckily, the market is not only growing, but also quickly improving. With creative professionals taking a stance and actually taking the lead, many new and high quality B2B solutions are emerging. There was the conventional site creation (custom design/template design + WordPress/any other CMS) and Do-It-Yourself site makers for newbies. From now on there’s a third solution – professional WYSIWYG design suites like Webydo that are paving the way for creative professionals to work independently, manage hundreds of clients and do it all code-free.


The Solution

Webydo’s target audience are professional web and graphic designers looking for creative freedom, right-brained individuals who find it unfair to give away more than 70% of income to manual coding. Because the conventional mechanism of website creation depends on developers, the process is more expensive, complex and takes longer than it might have been without the ‘converting’ phase. The good news is that this phase is now can be omitted once you start integrating your design agency or business with Webydo.

The Solution

Webydo provides designers with a code-free, drag-and-drop Design Management System that rests on a sophisticated code generator. Each time you make a tiny change in the website design, the generator automatically converts it into an updated code, without you lifting a finger. The DMS provides designers with good old tools they’re all familiar with, and also advanced website creating options. For instance, you can instantly switch to Mobile Editing to configure your site’s touch-friendly version. Additionally to the traditional editing dashboard, you get access to the mobile-specific feature set: click-to-call, Google Maps locator, instant messaging and even online scheduling.


Similarly to the DMS, Webydo’s Content Management system is also very intuitive. It exists separately from the DMS and thus prevents your clients from making any unexpected changes in the design. However, if you trust your client, or he/she wants to extend his/her editing rights, you may leave certain elements of the design editable by CMS.

Build Your Brand

With Webydo you can manage multiple web projects simultaneously thanks to their incredibly usable, smart Dashboard. It will help you get all your ducks in a row and maximize your productivity. Firstly, because you’ll be able to take a bird’s eye view of all your ready and current web projects in one place. Secondly, you’ll be able to perform many business operations directly through the Dashboard:

  • Share your works. Just choose the user account type (Content Manager/Designer) and send the embed code to your collaborator. Depending on the account rights, the receiver will able either to edit content only, or to make design-level changes. This feature is extremely important, as it liberates designers from the need to send heavy pictures and other media over email.
  • Bill your client. You can send a payment request directly through Webydo.
  • Re-brand the system. Webydo allows designers to custom-brand Webydo as their own. Upload a Dashboard and Login logotypes, and your clients will see your brand when entering the CMS.


Publish Independently

You can create an account and use all of the aforementioned features free of charge. You may even publish multiple websites on Webydo’s subdomain to see how they look and behave when published, as well as to check their responsiveness. Only when your client’s site is ready to be mapped to a custom web address, you’ll need to update your account. There are several options for upgrading and you can choose the best plan to fit your design agency or businesses plan.

Webydo’s partnered with Akamai Content Delivery Network guaranteeing that your site will load as quickly as possible. You website content will be duplicated and placed throughout a network of servers across the world, so each time someone accesses your website, it will be reached from the nearest server.

You can create a Free account and try Webydo today to join the designers revolution and begin experiencing the creative freedom that already more than 73K professional designers from around the world are part of.


This article is proudly presented by Webydo’s community of professional designers.


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