Stages of a Creative Designer – Know Your Place!

Some designers are of the opinion that creativity and inventiveness are inborn while on the other hand some believe it is discovered. But the reality bears testimony that both are required in order to become a creative designer. This is for the reason that intrinsic and extrinsic factors equally participate in structuring our creative intuition. It is said that we all are born with equivalent capacity to work. Only those who have the willingness and determination to accomplish something obtain the desired output.

But did you know that there are certain stages through which every designer goes in order to reach the pinnacle of creative success? Today, you can find out the various stages and segments of creativity through which you must pass in order to become a successful artist.


1. Beginner Stage:

Every designer starts out as a beginner in the field. This is the stage where the designer’s artistic faculty is in the preliminary level of implementing the fundamentals of graphics. At this point, the artist has miniature or no experience of the professional design field. At the most you do is grasp the general concepts of designing, but still you don’t have sufficient information on how to apply them in a professional way. Deficiency of exposure to professional world hinders your creative ability to the smallest amount.

2. Learner Stage:

Before you jump to conclusions, hear me out completely. I don’t intend to hurt any artist by using the term ‘learner. This is the stage where the visual artists are slowly grasping things related to designing. As it’s their initial level in the area, they are sluggish in learning the art of creativeness. Even though you are willing to learn and extend your innovative caliber, the shortage of ample experience does not allow you to conceive new concepts quickly.

3. Pro Stage:

At this stage, many visual artists wish to arrive at within their first year of exercise. At this point of your careers, the artist generates troubleshooting abilities and extremely smart ways of designing a particular project. Here, the innovative spark begins to kindle and the tires of creativeness start to run untamed. But don’t jump the gun as it is not the ultimate stage yet. The artist still needs to comprehend the level of independence and restriction in the field of design.

4. Resourceful Stage:

Many visual artists never really reach this stage of the profession. They make the effort really hard, but just cannot get that innovative key that reveals doorways to inventiveness and trained creativeness. This is the level where an artist is so skilled that he can conceive practical thoughts to do usual things in unusual ways.

5. Expert Stage:

If you have managed to this stage of creativity, then hats off to you folks! This is because it is the ‘pinnacle’ stage of innovative imagination, the place which is regarded impossible to reach by most designers. This is where superstars are blessed. Expert level designers are those who have the capacity to perform their work with so ease that they can spare time for leisure activities as well. Since they are so adept in the field, they don’t need much time to conceive ideas and can work with ease and grace.

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