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5 Ways to Make Your Business Card Stand Out

We use business cards to develop professional connections and help people remember us, but there’s a certain irony involved in that practice. After all, business cards are supposed to identify us, yet they almost...


Best Office Design in 2012

Designing a corporate office involves a lot of decisions and thought processes which address: the design theme to use, choosing a theme that accentuates the firm’s brand, providing comfort for employees and lastly, what...


The Pros and Cons of In-House Graphic Design

Knowing that you love art and you love graphic design is one thing, but knowing where you want to offer this passion is quite another. In general, graphic designers have three options when it...


Free Icon Fonts and Tutorials

Fonts are the way to present your content and also your design. In this roundup we have collected some icon fonts to download and also some tutorials. Enjoy!! Free Icon Fonts Web Symbols font


Finding A Job In Graphic Design

Graphic design can encompass many different things, from designing business stationery and brochures, to advertising and promotion work and digital design.  The good news for those looking to enter this industry is that work...


5 Key Qualities of an Established Designer

If you believe that anyone who knows how to operate Photoshop is a designer, then you’re entirely mistaken. This is because designing isn’t all about being a software geek. It is an intricate profession...