Existing vs New Clients – Who Should Get Majority of Your Attention

This is one tricky question that any web designing firm or a web designer who works solo would like to avoid. Being diplomatic, pays in the long run eventually. So it is better for the web designers to follow the advice and tackle the two clients diplomatically. It is known that no organization can progress forward without the loyal support from its existing clients. At the same time it is also true that in order to make progress you need to explore the unexplored paths and add new clients to your clients list. It is only by adding the new clients can a company expect to grow.


Following is an extensive detail that deals with the positive and negative aspects of the existing clients as well as the new clients.

Advantages of the existing clients

You cannot simply ignore the existing clients since they are the main source of your business revenues. That is why you must always keep them happy and make sure to attend their needs first. The following are the advantages of doing business with the existing clients

  • Better understanding: You have already worked with your existing clients previously on a number of occasions. This means you are quite familiar with their demands and requirements. The clients having worked with you previously are well aware of your capabilities and delivery prowess. They would not have to spend extra time in making you understand a certain topic. The mutual understanding between you and your existing clients will make sure that the job gets done in a timely manner without any glitches.
  • Proves to be cheaper:Once a client becomes old, certain formal barriers get demolished between the two of you. This would help you to save money on certain costs that your client might even let go off. For e.g., when a client becomes old, you as a web designer can think of doing away with the options of print outs or dummy sheets and rely on soft copies instead.
  • Positive reviews:The best thing about the existing clients is that if you do good work they will support you through thick and thin. They are your loyal followers who are more than ready to support you. You can be pretty sure to get a lot of positive feedbacks and reviews from these existing clients. And these positive reviews will create a favorable image about you or your designing firm, thereby increasing your chances of getting more work and attracting new customers.

But then there are some pitfalls too about the existing clients. First of all there is the issue of getting bored while working for a long period of time with the same usual clients. Although the jobs may be done more easily but then you cannot help the fact that boringness might soon set in. Working with only the existing clients might even make a huge dent to your creativity. Since you get acquainted to a particular brand of working environment you might lose the creative genius within you.

Advantages of working with the new clients

new clients

The best way to expand the horizons of your business operations is to get out of your comfort zone and try to attract more potential customers and clients. After all taking risks is part and parcel of business operations and you cannot do anything about it. It is not at all advisable to rely solely on your existing clients alone. The following are the advantages of doing business with the new clients.

  • Use of creativity: While the same old clients might have put your creativity on the backseat, the new clients would surely bring the creative genius out of you again. Since these are new clients, you would find before you new challenges that you need to face as well as overcome. This is the time where you need to come out of your comfort zone and produce something great that would impress your new clients so that they enter into a long term agreement with your web designing firm.
  • More monetary gains: Almost all the business operations are based on the simple fact that” if two is good then four is better”. In other words there is no harm in increasing the list of your clientele. If you can manage to survive without annoying them all and delivering the services on time then there is no point why you would not stand a chance of earning more than what you were earning before. The logic is simple if two clients were paying you something then the addition of two more will obviously increase your income.

Just like there are pitfalls in working with the existing clients, there are similar pitfalls while working with the new clients. First of all the job that was not taking large amounts of time would suddenly seem to be pretty time consuming. Suddenly you might find yourself struggling with the guidelines, instructions and deadlines. This might be the result of communication gap between you and your new client. To get over this problem both you and your new client must take some time to get acquainted with one another. Secondly, issues like trustworthiness and reliability are bound to arise for quite some time until the initial dust settles in. While you may find issues like trustworthiness and reliability distasteful to your business operations, you must have a professional attitude and deal with these issues.

The debate as to who should get the bigger share of your attention for designing whether theexisting clients or thenew clients would go on. But then one thing is for sure. Since you are not acquainted with the workings of the new clients, you need to spend a considerable amount of time in getting acquainted with them first. And that is bound to eat up a bigger share of your attention. So in that case the new clients have an upper edge. Similarly, you are not sure whether your new client would be satisfied enough to pay you. For secure monetary gains you need to turn towards your existing clients. So in that case the existing clients gain an upper hand. In the end it can be said that there is a tie between the existing clients and the new clients and so the best thing that you can do as a web designer is to divide your attention to both of them and cater to their individual needs with a professional mind set.

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