15 Web Design Portfolios with Geometrical Shapes

Geometry is one of the web design trends. I am not talking about circles alone, but about versatile shapes and figures. Some websites showcase geometry in navigation, others use it for the content arrangement, while a number of designs are based fully on the original shapes.

As a rule, website developers create the best designs for themselves. That is why in this showcase I include awesome web design portfolios, which are the examples of creativity and fashion. Scroll down and you will see these 15 awesome folios. Enjoy it!

Internet Dreams Studio Website

The background of this folio shows a number of differently-colored triangles made in various styles. Many shapes are decolorized, it looks like they have been drawn with a pencil.


The Creative Momentum Portfolio Website

Here we see a wide use of rectangles and arrows. The most creative shapes are hand-drawn icons on the ‘Services’ page.


Isadora Design Website

Hexagons are used in this design to showcase the portfolio works.


Sourcebits Portfolio Site

There are hexagons on this site as well, but designed in a bit another way than in the previous portfolio and serve for navigation. Circular elements are found there too.


Session Digital Webpage

This portfolio is teemed with triangle-shaped arrows, hexagons, creatively designed rectangulars.


Gunther Groenewege Portfolio

Accurate circular shapes are presented on this website layout.


Statik Design Website

There are four triangles in the Header of this site placed chaotically. When hover the mouse over them, they form a nice figure. Plus, there is a handful of other geometrical shapes here.


Duoh! b.v.b.a. Website

It is a colorful web design with many lines, squares, circles, hexagons.


Scuba Design Studio Portfolio

This site features a folio gallery arranged orderly with rectangular-shaped pictures, but there are also circles in this clean style design.


Decode Portfolio Site

The website demonstrates two large circles on the background, a few smaller ones in green color and rectangles for the content.


Grundini Design Portfolio

Here is a wonderful portfolio works’ arrangement plus many pictures with exceptional figures.


Chennai Web Designer Portfolio

Great navigation menu design, original arrows and much more geometry is used in this design.


ArayoWeb Portfolio Site

There are circles on the background and circular content blocks.


Medios y Proyectos Company Website

Here is a thrilling black portfolio design with geometrical shapes.


Hellohikimori Studio Website

Rhombuses are those special shapes in this design.


I hope you have enjoyed these websites. Who knows, maybe some of these designs will inspire you to create your own site with non-standard geometry. I will highly appreciate the comments below with your thoughts on these designs and the trend itself. If you know any other cool portfolio designs, feel free to share them with me.

Julia Blake writes many articles on web design. Currently she works with MotoCMS – a progressive website builder provider, which creates wonderful templates for web design portfolios.


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