5 Foreseen of Web Design Trends In 2013

We all are leaving in a constantly evolving virtual World where design trends change with a blink of eye. So, being a Web designer, you should be constantly looking for latest trends and have to roll with that to improve the outlook of your website.

As now we are so close to the end of this year, this is the right time to prepare for 2013. Now the question arises here is, What Designers Have To Prepare For?

Our Web industry is such a dynamic industry that forecasting for the upcoming trends is not very successful here, so what we can do is rely on our analysis skills.

So, today we are here with some predictions of upcoming Web design trends which should be considered to compete in 2013. Check them out:

1. Responsive Web Designs

responsive design

Responsive is very new and popular member of Web industry. Responsive Web design has quickly established itself in this virtual World because of constant evolving technology. Each device be it a desktop or a handhold, will vary in screen size. Designing a website for every possible screen size is not efficient as it costs you high and also consumes lots of time this is the reason why responsive web designing is expected to be in trends of 2013.

2. Single Page Layouts

single page

Designing of a dynamic single page layout can be done easily with animation capabilities of HTML5 technologies. Hence HTML5 has brought many changes in the designing trends as HTML5 with CSS3 and jQuery plugins has ruled out Flash files completely. Since HTML5 is an updated technology that can provide a dynamic single page layout to your website, hence single page layout is expected to be in trends of 2013.

3. Brand Over Design


Designing website with corporate logo and colors gives identity to your brand. Hence designing a website with latest fashion and themes can not be the trend in 2013 as this won’t help you to translate your business through website. Designers should focus more on selecting the things that will be favorable to the brand that is the reason why brand over design is expected to be in trends of 2013.

4. Full Page Backgrounds

full page background

Background of a website generally gets unnoticed and it is designed in such a way so that visitor can easily focus on foreground. But sometimes it becomes necessary to have an attractive background as this can help you to hide the weak points of your website’s foreground if your website have so. Hence full page background design is expected to be in trends of 2013.

5. Vertical Scrolling

vertical scrolling

When a visitor scrolling a webpage down, the menu header should also go down with scrolling so that visitor would not have to scroll up to click over menu. Vertical scrolling increase the usability of a webpage by providing a user-friendly interface. Since vertical scrolling will surely gonna be the demand of future, therefore is expected to be in trends of 2013.

Above mentioned are only the expected Web design trends, we all definitely gonna see many other trends too. So, be prepare for 2013 and keep your eye open to the changes as present is already becoming past.

Are you foreseen some other trends for 2013? If yes, You can share with us in the comment section below.

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