Is It Creativity Or Presentation That Counts In Web Designing?

Many believe that it is creativity of the website that plays a major role in defining how good a website is. A website that creates a magnetizing effect on the visitors and incites them to explore entire website is tagged as ‘great’ from visitors perspective. But the idea is to understand the mercurial nature of the users and know what a visitor looks for when he/she lands on the website. A web designer needs to ponder over the aspects that he needs to focus on prior to adding creative elements in a website. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that presentation of the website shouldn’t be given desired weight-age.


Everybody has a different perception and analytical view. Some are inquisitive and love to browse through the website just because content and graphics are well-presented. Others are of a kind who are more interested in counting the appeal and creativity while giving less priority to the way things are presented. But the question is- What is more important?Lets share the significant role creativity and presentation plays in deciding the fate of the website.

Creativity Vs Presentation

Everybody has a different definition of creativity. For some, it is the captivating graphics while others believe it to be the tactful use and tendency of a human mind to produce intelligent concepts out of original ideas.

Presentation is generally a parameter on which a website is rated by a visitor and certainly, search engines. It is recognized as a manner in which things are shown and displayed. It might be an image, information, buttons, navigation or anything that might affect the functioning of a website.


Is it Creativity or Presentation or Both?

Evidently, a website’s creativity and presentation go hand in hand. It is significant to maintain a fine balance between the artistic finesse and the representation of the artful elements on a website. Dizzying website designs and superb presentation of the website can make a big difference. Good colors and superior graphics create a decent affect on the ones looking at the website only if it is fantastically balanced from presentation point-of-view. A website must exhibit an artistic extravaganza and informative beauty to create that magnetic spell on the visitors. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Highlighting the USP of the website.
  • The more intuitive a website is from navigation perspective, the more are the chances of a website to bring traffic and generate revenues.
  • Website users should not face any difficulty in finding the products or services you are dealing in.


In a nutshell, to reinforce the chances of driving more visitors to the website and eventually generating hefty revenues out of it; it is important to maintain equilibrium between both the aspects. Maintaining website harmony encourages visitors to browse the whole website and witness a transition from being prospective to actual buyer. So to generate great leads, it is ideal to focus on the areas that need improvement and make it perfect to increase visitors on the website.

Maneet Puri is a Professional Web Consultant and Managing Director of a leading web design firm in Delhi, LeXolution IT Services. Backed by a pool of adept web designers and developers, he has successfully accomplished creative web design services to many international clients.


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    If you can’t sell your design, no matter how good your design/user interface is, it will be useless.

    Selling is a key for being successful!

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