How to Promote Your Blog

If you have joined the blogging world in recent years, you will know how it works. If you have decided to write a blog then you probably feel you have something to say. You...


Hotjar Insights to Boost your business

If you are interested in getting unlimited insights from your web and mobile sites, then Hotjar is the ideal product for you. To be more precise, Hotjar aims at letting you know how visitors...


8 Mini Case Studies for Software Logos

Logos are often the first things people notice about a company, and they can influence the way individuals feel about the products being sold or services being offered. Those realities were not lost on...

photo Retouching

Earning Money out of Photo Retouching

If you’re looking for some extra source of income and it happen that you know a little bit about photo retouching or basics in photo editing, you can enhance your skills and benefit financially...

SEO Software

Everything You Should Look for in SEO Software

Choosing SEO tools and software can be difficult, as we all want to ensure we’re using the most effective kind for our business. Providing the tools you use are taken from a reliable source,...

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