Color has become an essential element of every logo design. With that said, many designers concentrate greatly on incorporating the best image and font style, but fail to give adequate attention to the color scheme. By doing so they are missing out big time. Proper selection of the color scheme not only enhances the overall appearance of the logo, but also helps in communicating the intended message.


Woh, Wait a minute! What does the color scheme have to do with communication of ideas? Trust me, color has a lot to do with it. Different colors tend to evoke different thoughts and emotions. To help you understand the meaning of different colors, I’ve compiled a listed below:


Black: implies boldness, power, elegance and sophistication.


White: This color is used to depict tranquility, purity and goodwill.


Purple: Well this color is used to portray creativity, royalty and elegance.


Orange: is a sign of playfulness, energy, creativity and excitement.


Green: This color suggests harmony, healthiness and vitality. It is also known as the color of freshness.


Yellow: indicates warmth, exuberance and confidence. It also one of the most striking colors.


Pink: is more of a feminine color. It evokes innocence, beauty and youthfulness.


Red: is one of the most used colors. It implies aggression, passion, dynamism and hunger.


Blue: is a soothing color. It arouses a sense of serenity, comfort, trustworthiness and security.


Brown: depicts traits of reliability, stability and the natural color of the earth.

Now that you know the meaning of different colors, choosing the most relevant one for your logo design will no longer a hassle. My humble advice to those designers who neglect the importance of color, give colors their share of attention, because the difference between a perfect and mediocre logo design could very well be the color scheme.