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iPhone Apps for Serious Designers and Developers

The iPhone has taken the digital world by storm, dramatically changing the way people communicate and do business. With most mobile carriers offering high speed internet, working away from the office has become easier...


Back to Basics: Design Principles that Work

As the internet grows as source of commerce and a launching pad for enterprises, it also offers more and more opportunities for designers to create stunning and attractive solutions for businesses looking to distinguish...


4 Ways To Identify a Web Font On a Website

Currently, there are thousands and thousands of fonts available for use online. They come in all styles, are meant for a wide variety of functions and can be used to convey nearly any image,...


Healthy content is crucial for SEO

Content is not a rubber stamp, but the active agent of the SEO process. It has the power to lead and tendency to dive the attention of a reader or any information seeker. Content...


How to make your blog especially prominent?

Here are some easy tips for any WordPress beginner who wants to master the art of establishing prominent blogs. From a seasoned blogger to a professional one, these tips can benefit all!


50 Character and Emotion Designs using Photoshop

Most of the character design tutorials are using illustrations software, like Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. However I can’t use Illustrator, so I tried browsing and searching for character design tutorials using photoshop. And apparently...


Create a Cool Penguin Character in Photoshop

Hello everybody, in this tutorial, we will create a little penguin character with simple technique. Mostly, we will using the Ellipse Tool, the Direct Selection Tool, the Path Selection Tool and effect on the...


How Social Media Affects High Schoolers

According to MediaPost, almost 75% of teens in the U.S. will use Facebook at least once a month this year. As the number of people who use Facebook and other forms of social media...


20 Terrific Brochure Designs

Brochures are effective tools in promoting your business to your potential clients. They are conventional but they are easy to keep and can be a point of reference in the future. If you want...