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10 Stress Buster Tips for Ecommerce Site Admins

Being an administrator on an online shopping website can often be very stressful. The more customers you get, the happier you become; the more successful you become. Not ignoring, you become extremely stressed out!


7 Project Management Tips for Freelancers

Freelancers enjoy a certain freedom from being told what to work on and when from an outside party, such as a manager or boss. It is important, however, that you create that structure for...


10 Avoidable Mistakes New Freelancers Make

New to freelancing? I could tell — you’re making beginner mistakes that I can smell from a mile away. But that’s okay: everyone has trouble adjusting to the realities of freelance life at first...


Simplify Your Design & Make More Money

Stop Tweeting right now! Stop link building right now! On you existing site, there is at least 100% revenue growth hidden in very simple changes. Most effort of bloggers and ecommerce websites goes into...


WebHostingSecretRevealed Review

Hello there, I am Jerry and I am here to review my own blog – (WHSR). Yes I know, it’s weird to read a self-review like this; but no,  I am not going...


Top 10 PSD to HTML Service Providers

Looks of a site are as important as the content or the services it offers.  Converting design files to HTML, XHTML or CSS can be a bit tricky and time consuming. It requires knowledge...


How to remove Malware from Your Site?

Nowadays, more and more Websites are facing online threats and being infected with viruses, injections, backdoors, malware, adware pop-ups etc. When someone opens an unsecured Website then infections gets transferred to his/her computer through...


Discover How Colors can Help You In Business

Ever wondered how important a role does ‘color’ play in affecting your mood, influencing your business decisions and offer you a distinctive viewpoint? While you may concede that the decisions that you make have...


Designing a Jewelry Website that Shines

If you run a website that sells jewelry or fashion accessories for men or women, don’t feel trapped into the same old design that includes a photo of jewelry cases filled with diamonds. There...