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10 Best Gallery WordPress Themes

WordPress designers need galleries to feature their work, get new ideas and also for inspiration. Gallery is a great way to showcase logos, themes, photos, business cards, wallpapers and etc. Are you looking for...


4 Ways To Identify a Web Font On a Website

Currently, there are thousands and thousands of fonts available for use online. They come in all styles, are meant for a wide variety of functions and can be used to convey nearly any image,...


See the World Differently

Do you see a twig on a blue tarp, or a seahorse gliding gently in the deep blue sea? Often times we get in a brain rut and only see what’s to be expected....


Advertising in Tacoma Made Easy!

Any business, however big or small, needs marketing and advertising in order to reach out to its target market. As a small business owner in Tacoma, you may feel that hiring a professional advertising...


How to Upload your Website?

Once the website has been developed, it needs to be uploaded on the World Wide Web. In simple words in order to get your website online you must upload it. Normally hosting services will...


Why You Need a Good Web Host

When you’re planning to set up your web-based business, web hosting might be the last thing on your mind. But neglecting your web host can be a big mistake. You can have the best...


10 Stress Buster Tips for Ecommerce Site Admins

Being an administrator on an online shopping website can often be very stressful. The more customers you get, the happier you become; the more successful you become. Not ignoring, you become extremely stressed out!


7 Project Management Tips for Freelancers

Freelancers enjoy a certain freedom from being told what to work on and when from an outside party, such as a manager or boss. It is important, however, that you create that structure for...


10 Avoidable Mistakes New Freelancers Make

New to freelancing? I could tell — you’re making beginner mistakes that I can smell from a mile away. But that’s okay: everyone has trouble adjusting to the realities of freelance life at first...