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8 years ago

Thanks for sharing this, very helpful

Anna Forrrester
8 years ago

Just wrapping my first year studying graphic design I found this article to be extremely helpful in my education. Thank you for posting.

John @Web Design Melbourne

Hi Pat,

fabulous information, it shows importance of color while designing logo for a company or brand. i think it’s not only about logo design, we need to keep this in mind while designing the website also

Very usefully marketing tact
Thanks for sharing

Betty Z
8 years ago

Thanks a lot for sharing this. I’m designing tea packaging at moment. it helped a lot with color choice for my logo.

Bob Woods
8 years ago

Great article! We may be rebranding our company, and we’re looking at several things. This article definitely helps.

We’re pretty attached to gold as a logo color around here. Should we view that in a similar vein to yellow, or is there a different school of thinking there? We like gold because of the wealth and status oriented psychology behind it.

susan hamilton
8 years ago

Thanks for the tips, I never realized how much impact color can have.

Absolute Kilimanjaro
8 years ago

Nice article, getting the right colour and font is so difficul when you are trying to establish a new brand identity and yet so important….we are still delibarating on it to make sure we get it right first time!