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Logo Design: Importance and Tips for effectiveness

A Logo by its very nature commands a strong power, for an effective one can instantly get recognition to a person, organization, company or group. It has the potential to create a positive Identity among the target audience by conveying the right message and positioning an entity in good light. These are the prime reasons that every company wishes to have a powerful Logo. Here in comes the task of designing an effective logo which can help in branding and serve the intended purpose.

In this write up, we are going to mention the importance of logo design and some ways to create good logos.

Why design a Logo

Acts as a SYMBOL

A logo can act as powerful symbol and represent a company in the most favorable manner. Also designing a logo that matches the business can help create the desired impression upon the target audience and create recognition.

Helps in Brand Building

When it comes to Brand building a logo plays an important role as by appearing on all promotional materials, it creates awareness and recall. If the logo is well designed, it will create the right image among the target customers which a business always wishes to have.

Tips for creating effective Web design

Follow the rule of Simplicity

Simplicity always rules while designing a logo. This is because a simple and clean logo is easy to distinguish and remember. Simplicity in logo design helps people to understand the logo, the company as well as keep it in mind. On the other hand complex ones will only confuse the viewer.

Never finalize the logo in the very first attempt

An effective logo can never be designed in a hurry, it demands improvisation before it is finalized to represent the company. A designer must prepare a number of sketches and then analyze them. Each sketch will provide some insight and clarify his thoughts leading to better logo design.

Make it distinctive

It should never appear that a company logo is inspired. Therefore it is extremely important to create a distinct and novel design which helps people to differentiate the company from others with the help of logo. Try to lend it a unique personality which matches the business.

Gather information about the business as well the audience before designing a logo

As mentioned above that a logo should depict a personality, it is required to have a thorough understanding of the business/company. It will help in creating the relevant logo. On the other hand collecting information about who will be seeing the logo helps assessing the suitability of the logo, that is, whether would react favorably to it.

Don’t include the tagline

Though a tagline facilitates understanding about the company but including it in the logo is not a great idea. This is because a logo is often required to be printed in various sizes and in such case; a tagline will not fit in properly and will create a bad effect.

Opt for an appropriate size

Again as mentioned above a logo needs to be printed in multiple sizes for various purposes, it is advisable that the size of the logo should be kept appropriate. It must be legible and have a good appearance in all formats, be it on a letterhead or a poster.

Colors make a lot of difference- Select the right ones

Designer very well know the importance of colors in design and with a logo, they have to be extra cautious. The reason behind this is, a logo represents a company and is meant for people. Therefore such color/colors should be chosen which favor both and evoke the desired response.

Examples of some great Logos














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  2. A logo is act as powerful symbol and represents a company in the most favorable manner. It’s really nice blog and very useful and informative for a Logo by this is more nature commands a big power and for an effective one could instantly get recognition to a person, organization, company or group. You’re the prime reasons that more company wishes to have a powerful Logo.

  3. Logos are the first coat of paint on a website/brand. I almost said the foundation but I think a content management system like WordPress is more of the foundation. We use logos as starting point of the sites we design.

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