13 wordpress directory plugins


13 plugins to run a directory on a WordPress powered website.


Add a Business Directory or Directory of Links in different categories and pages. Show website thumbnails of Links with Url’s.

2-User Community

Plugin to create a users community on any WordPress Blog.

3-WordPress Users

Display your WordPress users and their profiles in an index on your site.


Connections is a simple to use addressbook that is very customizable. Entry lists and/or birthday/anniversary lists can be embedded in a page/post.

5-Article Directory

Displays the structured list of categories (like in article directory), which can be easily customized with CSS.

6-Wordpress MyLinks – The link directory with automatical thumbnail generation

Displays blogroll links on a Page or Post. Insert `[mylinks]` to a Page or Post and it will display all your blogroll links there- with live snapshots


Connects your WordPress blog to your LinksManager account!

8-Business Directory

The Business Directory plugin for WordPress is an easy way to host a free directory page.

9-Social Event Registration and Directory (SERaD)

Add a Social Event Registration and Directory to your blog.

10-WordPress Link Directory

WordPress Link Directory is a simple, compact and quick-setup link directory plugin for WordPress which allows other webmasters to add their site

11-WP-Business Directory

Allows you create a simple business directory


zeList is a plugin to run a directory on a WordPress power website.


WordPress directory authentication plugin through LDAP and LDAPS (SSL).


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31 Responses

  1. Thanks for all these links. I am checking them out now to see which directory plugin will suit my franchise directory most!

  2. Many THanks. Will have a look at these and try and remember to come back and let you know which I liked best.

  3. tunghoy says:

    Plugin #9 (Social Event Registry) was never released. Click the #9 link on this page and that’s what it says.

  4. Hello Skyje!

    Thank you for your useful article!
    I plan to build a web directory site that can integrate websites thumbnails and was wondering if you Skyje or anyone reading this page would have some ideas to help me in my search…

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks for sharing this list. I have been searching for wordpress directory plug-ins almost a month and getting the right seems so hard. Keep it up and I’ll be looking forward for more relevant post from you.

  6. Thanks for a cool list we enjoy it!

  7. whitsey says:

    Interested to know if anyone here has used PHPMyDirectory and how it rates against these directories? I use PHPMyDirectory and WordPress but am getting tired of duplicating changes in both platforms… I’m looking for a directory script that matches what I get in PHPMyAdmin to hoepfully drop it and use wordpress 100%…

  8. thanks buddy… going to build a new directory … it will be very helpful me..

  9. I am using the wp business directory manager plugin, and it is amazing! The only issue it has is when you have other plugins installed, they seem to battle against each-other and cause some errors. Anyone else have similar issues?

  10. Any demo by using all of these plugin? I want to make one free website directory, and looking for a free plugin too :).

    One video will be very helpful…thanks.

  11. most of all plugins rated 2 or 3 stars only :(

  12. i´ve tested most of them but no one seems to work for me fine :-(
    One good solution I´ve found is located at wplinkdir.com but this plugin is still in progress, though it is released as stable.
    Hmm so I am just waiting!

  13. If to be honest – none of them are like… wow!!

    looks like that paid wp directory themes are the ones to go for (will notadvertisethem here)

    thank You for sharing

  14. I was looking for a versatile directory like mosetree for joomla but I haven’t seen any for wordpress yet. If you guys know any, please give me some pointers.

  15. Brian says:

    I agree, I didn’t find anything that I found quite sufficient just yet. I will wait for now and likely end up paying for a business directory in time

  16. Hi guys. I am using edirectory, which is really good, but very heavy to maintain or customize. I would love to find something professional for wordpress, even paid one. those listed here are no good to me. but thank you for the info

  17. Thanks for the plugins mate.

    Good job finding them.

    I wonder if there are any new ones out that you can recommend.


  18. I agree, I didn’t find anything that I found GOOD just yet. I will wait for now.

  19. usedcarsincharlottenc.com says:

    Thanks for the list. I have a domain I’m setting up a directory on and I’m trying to decide to use WordPress or not. This has been a big help.

  20. Thanks for this list, there were a couple of plugins I have never heard of and I thought they were only available at a cost. Good work and great selection, thank you.

  21. Adieska says:

    Does someone know a wordpress plugin that can create a wordpress local store directory (like yellow pages) where each store (post) have complete details like store name, what they sell/description, address, phone, homepage links (optional) and if possible google maps integration and store picture?

    I really need this kind of plugin for my new project.

  22. Frugal says:

    I am looking for a good plugin to run a personal finance “network” with wordpress. This list looks like a good place to start. Kudos.

  23. I like your list of directory plugins. How about WordPress directory plugins with payment method?

  24. We are also looking for a Directory lising system like Mosets tree for Joomla. The one we tried was so full of bugs we have to remove it.

    any suggestions people?
    I have two clients in need of it at the moment.

  25. soda lime says:

    Thanks for the list..

  26. Randy says:

    It’s realy a good list. I also looking for a WordPress plugin to build a directory.

  27. Tuan says:

    Business Directory Plugin is most suitable for me. Thanks.

  28. Madenza says:

    Hey all, this is the latest developments in the world of wordpress web directory customization
    check for the links to the live development site on this page. Really some neat new options

  29. Most of those plugins above have become defunct. The current active one in the WP repository is:


    Just FYI for anyone trying to find half of them.

  30. JC says:

    i’m with connection plugin, but still lacking of good templates.

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