15 Websites Inspired by Nature

Well-designed websites are easy to distinguish from poorly designed websites. But what is it that separates the two? Great design is driven by a concept and has a source of inspiration. By having a concept in place, the design is focused and every decision of the design is thoughtfully made. This results in a cohesive and thorough design.

The natural world is a great source of inspiration. If you think about it, design is at its best in nature – everything just fits and works together. The aesthetics of nature often recall sentiments of serenity, beauty, balance, and happiness. The lines, composition, and colors found in nature are most ideal and perfectly crafted. It’s no wonder that many designers derive their concepts from Mother Earth. Here’s a list of 15 well-designed websites that are inspired by and utilize nature.

Paula Hayes

Paula Hayes (more…)

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30 Cool Drop-Down Navigation Menus

Who doesn’t want well structured and clean website navigation? If you want a clean user interface, then you must have drop down menus to handle multiple level hierarchies. A drop down menu can help the user access various links that are otherwise hidden in the page.

Ok so, without wasting more time, let’s visit some really awesome drop-down menus

1. Slate

slate (more…)

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30 Vibrant Examples of Purple Website Design

Trends in web design have been changing even faster with the passing weeks. More specifically vibrant artwork and colors have taken the reigns and provide amazing detail for designers. If you’ve been following the current design trends you’ll notice how popular single colors have become.

Purple is among the highest in popular colors. It provides a scent of royalty and passion no matter what artistic work it’s in. Purple along with black and white muted elements will stand out even more and provides the perfect color scheme for a new-age website. Common examples include design studios and freelancer’s personal pages.

Included in the list below are many varying types of purple-themed website layouts. These collections span the entire world and include designs from very talented artists. If you know of similar purple websites please share your resources in the discussion section below!

Wilson Miner

Web Design (more…)

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20 Examples of Home Office Interior Design

Home offices are becoming increasingly common as evermore people work from the domestic environment. The Internet has enabled remote working, while rapid developments in computer hardware mean that all office activities can be carried out on very simple setups, often needing little more than a laptop, desk, telephone or mobile device. As such, home office interior design can be very simple and uncluttered, stylishly minimalist and arranged for maximum productivity. This post brings together 20 examples of neat and minimal office setups to amaze and inspire.

1. My Office by Travis Isaacs.

My office, March 2008 (more…)

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Digital Web Copy Layouts and Typography Inspiration

The study of typography is a grand subject which breaks down into many components on a website. User experience and layout mechanics is what keeps designers studying blocks of paragraphs. Digital text is our latest pioneer as a race and shows how much can be accomplished through science and innovation.

For web designers new and old alike I’ve shared a strong collection of typography from around the web. Below I’ve added over 40 websites which demonstrate unique and inspirational examples of digital type. These include menu components, headings and paragraphs, item lists, sidebar widgets, webpage footers, and much more!

Ordering such a large collection of digital web copy into one gallery should bring about great strides in creativity. Web designers are often looking for the greatest trends to sweep their project work through the roof. Page text makes up most of your website content and thus requires careful attention to detail.

Area 17


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Examples and Trends with Single Page Web Design

Throughout the past few years many trends have emerged on the web. Single page designs are some of the most popular and have shown up time and time again. More recently designers have begun creating single page website layouts as usability and user experience has dramatically improved.

By utilizing simple jQuery effects or Flash animations it’s simple to scroll through single page templates. Authors may place all their information on 1 page which makes updating a breeze! SEO issues can arise with Google passing up page indexes, so be sure to offer an alternative for non-JavaScript visitors. If you haven’t messed around with this system much these trends will surely give you a kick start!

Below I’ve included some great websites which showcase the newest trends in single page design. Minimalism is shined down upon from audiences globally. Many futuristic companies and food chains have found the single-page setup lightning fast – almost incomparable to standard HTML5 web pages!

Bullet PR


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Use of Vector Animals as Mascots in Website Design

The Adobe graphics design suite offers amazing tools for creating vector art. These vectors can be used as web page backgrounds, small UI icons, or even mascot artwork. There are countless companies represented by animals mascots which can be represented in vector art form.

This case holds especially true with today’s new telecommunications which allow designers to share their art over the Internet. Small startups are hatching every day out of Silicon Valley and have continued to show great strength in creativity. Animal mascots are some of the most memorable objects when it comes to branding purposes.

Below I’ve compiled a great set of websites using vector animals throughout the page. Often these line up as mascots or extras in a logo. Sometimes you’ll also see vector animals sewn throughout the page sidebar or footer. Check out our Illustrator logo design tutorials if you’re interested in creating them yourself!

Similarly there are tons of freebies offered in popular design magazines. These include vector illustrations licensed under Creative Commons and open to the general public.



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30 Awesome 404 Error Pages

404 error pages appear when website users click a broken link, taking them to a page that has been removed or whose address has been changed.  But while the experience itself is a nuisance, a 404 error page doesn’t have to be all bad.  In fact, it’s become a growing trend that 404 pages are where even the most serious of companies and big businesses can have a little fun, poking fun at themselves or the user, or simply the 404 error experience itself.

The following thirty examples show the myriad ways in which 404 error pages can actually be a great outlet for creativity.  The range of options is unlimited.  A 404 error page can consist of computer humor, like 8 bit Peoples or IDZR’s pages, continued website themes, like MoMa or Heinz Ketchup’s, playful accusations, like Cut and Taste or Homestar Runner’s, or even serve as the symbol of an existential crisis, like Spiritual but not Religious or Telltale Games’ pages.  Still otherscontain haikus, cute cartoons, and complex designs.  Some 404 pages even take advantage of themomentary pause to tell their visitors to get off the computer and go outside!

1. 8 Bit Peoples


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50 Beautiful HD Wallpapers

Desktop wallpapers are always the first thing that inspire us when we switch on the computer. You look to it carefully and slowly find out how idea has been created and if you learn from the best, you are taking something from that work too. The more inspirational, beautiful and elegant they are, the better they can challenge our imagination.

In this article, we have collected 50 Beautiful HD Wallpapers to choose to refresh your desktop. If you want to download the wallpaper, just click on it to follow the link and to download it. Enjoy!

50 Beautiful HD Wallpapers

HD Wallpapers (more…)

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26 Beautiful Web Design Agency Portfolios

Web design is a growing profession popular amongst new-age businesses. This places powerful marketing power into the hands of digital artists and graphic designers for the web. Thus we have seen the development of dozens of design agencies and branding teams.

The collection of agency designs below illustrates a bright picture of the current scape on the web. These are designers and artists who work tirelessly at their trade and provide amazing results with their talent(s).

emtwo web studios

emtwo (more…)

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25 Sleek + Sophisticated Interior Design Sites

This stunning line-up of interior design sites feature all sorts of themes ranging from eco-friendly style, handcrafting and repurposing, chic mid-century interiors, whimsical spaces, furniture, knick-knacks, and optimizing the space of tiny apartments.  Let these stunning interior design sites influence your own interior landscape, and open your mind to new ideas – whether on the web, or in your home.

Interior Design Blogs

Apartment Therapy


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33 Examples of Illustrated Twitter Backgrounds

After MySpace and Facebook had demonstrated their potential as social networks Twitter has exploded onto the scene. With the ability to customize your profile contents there are many graphic designers showcasing their talents through the one-to-many network system. These works often include custom buttons, graphics, and sometimes background illustrations.

I’ve scoured the twitterverse for 33 of the most inspirational illustrated background designs. Though these are just a small collection feel free to share any I’ve missed in the comments section below.


twitter background (more…)

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