32 Unique Business Card Designs

A business card can be a very important way to bring a unique and very memorable look to a company or brand. A unique Business card can work wonders for your business firm. In this roundup we have collected 32 unique business card designs. Looking for your comment and share!

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Unique Retro Letterpress Business Card (more…)

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A Set of Creative Illustrations Done Through Pixel Art

Art is a form of expression that conveys one’s self in a stylish or dramatic way. This expression can be achieved in various ways like creating a sculpture, designing attire, or even making a graphic illustration. Therefore, a painting, drawing, or any object that articulates a meaning deeper than what is perceived of it can be considered as art. If you look around you, you could even notice admirable decals made through creative sticker printing that express art in a new and vibrant way.

Designers who have displayed their artistic sensibilities through digital graphics have used different techniques to create digital art. Pixel art is interesting and innovative technique that makes use of software to create and edit the image on a pixel level. While drawings or projects created from this technique are commonly used on video games, designers have applied it to their creations.

For you to see the creativity that is possible in pixel art, here are 20 creative samples done by some designers:

Source: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Make-Something-365/1056111 (more…)

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Beautiful Examples of Crafty Packaging

We all love those unique packaging ideas, especially when we can make them on our own at home. Often you just need a few supplies and a little patience to make wonderfully expressive packaging of your own. From jars to baggies to boxes, this collection covers some cool ideas to get your crafty juices flowing.

Crafty Packaging (more…)

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20 Terrific Brochure Designs

Brochures are effective tools in promoting your business to your potential clients. They are conventional but they are easy to keep and can be a point of reference in the future.

If you want to get noticed, be catchy. If you want a call of action, be clear and direct. These are the simple things to keep in mind when designing a brochure. Remember, your message should always be clearly stated in your designs. A balance of text and illustrations can make a mark on your next potential client and make that. Here are 20 examples of brochure designs that can inspire your design.

Anchure Brochure

brochure (22) (more…)

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26 Amazing Tech-Enthusiast Desktop Wallpapers

Desktop wallpapers can be found a dime a dozen. Certainly these aren’t a rarity in today’s vast webscape. But for tech enthusiasts you may have to go digging around a bit to find just the right wallpaper design. Well I have gathered 26 of my favorites all in one place! All of these desktops can be found around the Internet, and should fit perfectly in many resolutions. But if you know of similar techie wallpapers please share with us in the comments area.

Intel Centrino

Desktop Wallpaper


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How to Recharge Your Inspiration

For designers, the most important thing to us is the creativity & inspiration it is like our legacy, air breathing and without it we can’t produce ideas that make us feel satisfied about it.

As we know this important legacy (Creativity) had 4 Major Stages:

  1. Preparation
    Collect information or data.
  2. Incubation
    milling over collected information (keep thinking depending on the data).
  3. Illumination
    Light Bulb Idea: THAT IS!  Moment.
  4. Implementation
    Actual Making, creating: Verification.

The most important stages are Incubation & Illumination > in this particular stage the inspiration can do all the work, but that if it comes fast:

But Sometimes as Designers we lose our inspiration, in another word, the inspiration battery is Low J , and seriously this would be a Big Serious PROBLEM.

But Hey Don’t worry here are some tips for you about how you can recharge your inspiration and stunning people with your inspired creative ideas and believe me I always use these tips by myself, and the experience as a graphic designer has no relations to the inspiration, it only matters about how you can implement (stag No. 4) your idea.

Recharge-Inspiration (more…)

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Dr. Nemesis

In December 2010 there was a big photographic challenge with the theme “cinematic thinking.” My first idea was to do something serial. Until then my photography had a strong element of chance – I saw something that attracted me and took a picture. This time I wanted to construct something – concept photography, as this is what movies consist of.
Serial was my first thought; the movies of the Weimar Cinema my second.
Together with a friend I created a short story (and even a storyboard) of Michalina Blanche, who visits a cinema and is afterwards pursued by the evil Dr. Nemesis and his Nosferatu- like creature, It.
After a short chase the heroine is caught by the duo and transformed into a darker person – Michalina Noir. This new Michalina is so evil that even Nemesis is frightened by his latest creation. The circle closes when, in the end, Nemesis, Michalina Blanche and Michalina Noir are assembled in the same cinema where everything started. (more…)

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32 Black and White Photos for Insightful Inspiration

Photography has always been a great way to express the art of creation. And with black and white photography you’re dealing with less of a range, thus your work must say more about itself than usual. The techniques of B&W photographs are vast and range very far. But we have collected quite a few that stand among the rest and look really cool! If you have other examples or ideas please share them in our comments area.

Black & White Landscape

black and white


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