30 Eye-Popping Yellow Website Designs

” Yeah, they were all yellow “…and so goes the lyrics of a favorite Coldplay piece of mine. Every now and again I get a project that has a strong color focus and yellow was a recent case in point. Definitely not a ‘mellow color’, the primary color yellow evokes positive associations of summer: sandy beaches, tropical fruit, sunshine and holidays. Yellow is also an excellent highlight color and heavy use of yellow can be very effective for getting attention. On the other hand, yellow can also be annoying and harsh on the eyes.
So I pulled together this collection to be a point of reference for others who could use studying the use of yellow in their designs. Some of the sites in this list are over the top, creating a visually frustrating layout, where a single shade of yellow dominates the page. More conservative designs use yellow as a background feature, use black and dark greys to add contrast, making the text and images pop off the page for the reader. The best examples from this round up show how to use such an intense color effectively.

Beer Camp

Yellow Website (more…)

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30 Unbelievable Examples of Street Art

One of the more inspiring elements of street art or graffiti is that it takes such a plain, simple part of our everyday lives and transforms it into something beautiful. Walls, trucks, pavements, drains, suddenly take on a different perspective when you see them as a creative surface to express a humorous or serious idea. Whether a street, the side of a building, or any other public object; street art brings life to what was once unnoticeable and ordinary in a form of ‘art crowdsourcing’ where, simultaneously, multiple artists contribute to the same project.

These examples illustrate incredible transformations of public or private space into colorful spectacles for the passer-by to freely enjoy – clearly an awesome side benefit of street art. Have you got examples of cool crowdsourced street art in your neighborhood? Share your examples in the comments below!

Los Angeles

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20 High Impact Typographic Poster Designs

Typography is the art of arranging type face in such a way that the language becomes visible. In some cases, because of the careful arrangement of the font, sizes, spacing, and face, typography even forms images of people or whatever the artist may want to display. Typography, or basically selecting the right font, size, and carefully designing it (using graphic manipulation, Photoshop) is an essential part of any artwork or design. Your choice of type face and its arrangement is part of your communication strategy.

High impact typographic design doesn’t necessarily mean using bold and large scale fonts. High impact basically is being able to manipulate your type face in such a way that it becomes very effective in delivering the message you want to convey to a specific set of audience – hence your target audience. So how exactly do you make a typographic poster design high impact? Here are a few suggestions how:

Choose the right font style for a specific area in your design. Depending on which part of your canvas a type face is going to fall, make sure to analyze whether an edge needs a curve or a point. To better put shape into your typographic design.
Analyze light, medium, and dark tones in your typographic design by drawing the image in black and white first. This way, it will be easier for you to determine which areas need bold faced fonts, thin fonts, and medium sized fonts.
Using a graphic manipulation application (Photoshop for example) you can warp, skew, and change the perspective of you font. By carefully manipulating the font using these features, you will be able to shape your font into whatever style of image you like.
You may add texture to fonts by downloading texture images and layering and merging these with you font of choice.
The size, font style, shape, spacing, and face style of your fonts all add up to the overall design of your typographic poster designs. Make all these elements work together in harmony by putting appropriate balance.

Here are 20 examples of high impact typographic poster designs which you can draw inspiration from in starting your own artwork.

poster (more…)

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20 Eye-Catching and Artistic Business Card Designs

Having your own business is not an easy thing to do, yet it could be fulfilling since you could have the chance of providing great service for others. Still, you need to be on the lookout for the ideal promotional tools that can send off the right message about your company. Plus, you must know what things fit your branding strategy if you want to stay connected and build relationships with the people. This is where business cards become the best player for the game.

Business cards may be small yet these are powerful materials in making a connection with your clients. By handing out a piece of it to your potential customer, you are already letting him know that you are credible and can be trusted. You are somehow building your brand and reputation through these things, which is why it’s important to consider the overall look.

Now, it is common to get stuck in wondering how your set of business cards should look like. You need to gain the right impression from these so it would be best to look at some creative samples. To make it easier for you, here are 20 attractive and artistic business card designs that can bring you inspiration:

Business Card (more…)

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26 Best Interior Design and Decoration Websites for Your Inspiration

I spend most of my time exploring best designed websites from around the world. It is fun to explore professionally designed websites which inspire us a lot. If we arrange those beautiful websites categorically then we can find thousands of beautiful websites for a single category. Web designers around the world always remain busy creating beautiful websites for themselves and their clients. Their hard work and skills always provide amazing results.  Here in this article I showcased some inspiring works of such web designers who utilized their time to create magnificent websites.

We all know how an online presence helps in boosting the sales of a company. Interior designing is such an industry where an active online presence is necessary. Nowadays people search the internet to find services rather than taking help from yellow pages. A beautiful website for an interior designer or an interior designing company helps to create the most needed online presence. Such websites are very helpful for their current as well as potential customers. So this article will inspire all those interior designers who have not yet created an online presence for their company or who are looking for some inspiration for designing their website.

This article showcases some of the beautiful website designs which fall under the category of interior design and decoration. Like interior designing, web designing is also based on creativity. You can also add this promotional design by using business cards printing services to print your materials matching these webdesigns. So when both of them blends together then the results are some fantastic examples of creativity. Such creative designs are showcased below. Take a look and get inspired.



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20 Creative and Funny Lego Ads

Legos are the most popular building toys on the planet, and for good reason. As the years have gone by, the era of simple blocks has changed into a compendium of pop culture references and blockbuster films. Here are twenty of the best, most creative, and downright hilarious Lego ads.

1. Darth Vader and Princess Leia having BBQ and getting some sun.


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20 Creative and Adorable Print Advertisements with Animals

One of the most charming creations that almost everyone is delighted to see is animals. These living things have their own way of making you feel happy, contented, or relaxed. There are some who would visit zoos or pet centers to entertain themselves by watching animals, while others would take a step higher by bringing pets in their own homes to take care of. The reasons may vary on why people love to spend some of their time with animals, but there is always that one factor that gives reason for these creatures to gain more attention and care.

The world of advertising has been watching the effects of how animals affect people. This is why there are already creative advertisements that have taken these creatures as their models or main cast. If you haven’t spotted one yet, then here are 20 delightful and artistic print ad samples that would perk your interest.

Kloof SPCA

Print Advertisements with Animals (1) (more…)

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Creative ‘About’ Pages in Web Design

For many businesses the About Us page is the highest ranked in SEO terms, especially text sparse sites. This is often the most overlooked of all pages and yet bears a huge weight in a number of ways.

Many have overlooked their ‘About’ pages seeming to run out of energy at the line. However, some truly innovative individuals have with more energy than sense have created some of the most beautiful you can imagine. Here are our top 20.

About pages should stand out and really have the ability to create a long lasting impression. In industries that are often generic and very much the same a little creativity can create something very memorable.

This is one such take:


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Websites Using Circles, Ribbons or Both

It has been a while since circles and ribbons became top web design trends, and they seem to continue to grow in popularity. There are so many great web pages with circles and ribbons now that we can’t help from showing the most awesome of them.

Below you will find 32 websites on different topics: 15 of them are using circles, 10 of them come with ribbons, and the last 7 websites on the list are using both, circles and ribbons. As you can see, most web designers prefer circles and every time it is a unique design that’s definitely worth seeing.

Let’s think why circles and ribbons are so widely used now as site logos, menu buttons or frames for texts or images. That’s because they attract users’ attention and emphasize certain areas of the website. As for ribbons, they give a design that little something to make it and eye-catching and again, draw attention to something very important.

We hope you will enjoy beautiful and creative examples of circle and ribbon style website designs and if you know other similar websites, feel free to share them in comments.

Websites Using Circles


Website Using Circle (more…)

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Successful Packaging Design – The Balance Between Beauty and Functionality

Packages are like people, the better looking they are and the more functional, the more successful they will be.  It’s a simple formula.

Many feel that design is a subjective art, but it is pretty much a scientific process, and creating powerful and effective brand value assets taps into emotion, psychology, and yes, even math.  Truly great packages are the ones that a) captivate a browsing consumer with show-stopping design b) persuade the consumer to take the package home with strong promises or benefits and c) add value to the consumer’s daily life through intuitive functionality that makes life a little easier or more interesting.

But don’t get carried away with functionality.  As packaging designers, we want to take every opportunity to wow consumers and create a really unique package.  However, there is a lot to be said for consistency.  The human brain uses patterns as a coping mechanism for interpreting the millions of messages it receives everyday.  When we break patterns, the brain has difficulty deciphering messages. If you are creating a line of packaging or custom shipping boxes, define which features will be held constant and which will be variable and stick to packaging design strategy.  It makes it easier for consumers to select between packages, and studies suggest actually minimizes store returns.

And while the world marvels at all things beautiful, if there is no substance behind them, people lose interest very quickly.   Beauty and functionality are the ultimate tag team because one lures in the consumers and the other marvels them and keeps them interested. Take Puma’s “Clever Little Bag” for example.   It is the 21st century replacement for the traditional shoebox that combines a low carbon footprint with its reusable shopping bag, with a cardboard box, to keep shoes protected, store-able and portable.  It looks great, serves many purposes, considers not only the end user, but also logistics. Simply put, it’s a gorgeous genius.  Who said that was an oxymoron?!

packaging (more…)

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Showcase of Gorgeous Black and White Websites

Black and white has been the oldest colors. If you remember pictures and movies in older days used to be black and white and we can not deny the fact that they were really impressive. Luckily for black and white lover (including me) this trend is back. Black and white websites, photography, images and a lot more other things are again in fashion with their simplicity, elegance and attractiveness.
Trust me colors are not always necessary. Black backgrounds with white typography or vice versa can be the best way of expressing your views, thoughts and imaginations. These black and white websites are even more successful in presenting their ideas and thoughts to the target audience then others; and according to me are more professional looking.
So keeping all this in mind, today, I have showcased a list of gorgeous black and white websites. The subtle hints of one strong color in some of the sites are awesome and just bring the site to life. Also I have divided this entire black and white website collection according to the genres. So take a look, hope you will like them!

Portfolios and Personal Websites

It is the classiest way of presenting a portfolio and personal websites. A black and white portfolio gives a sense of elite and high class. Such layout emits sleek and professional looking vibes. Take a look at the below mentioned portfolios and personal websites, I am sure you will agree with on the fact that they have soothing effect on visitors eyes.

1-TH = SUM


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