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10 Creative Resume Examples

Using creative resume is a great way to get an employer’s attention. It is best suited for artists, photographer, designers etc. In this post we have collected 10 creative resume examples. Enjoy! Resume Elementary


Finding A Job In Graphic Design

Graphic design can encompass many different things, from designing business stationery and brochures, to advertising and promotion work and digital design.  The good news for those looking to enter this industry is that work...


5 Great Tools for SEO Project Management

Coming up with the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can drastically improve your website’s ranking online. And even though great SEO requires some manual labor and what we like to call our very own...


Engaging your Audience with Video

Video has become one the major successes of the web. Youtube is the second biggest search engine after Google. The statistics are staggering. Just looking at Youtube alone, more than 92 billion page views...


What NBA Taught Me About Blogging

NBA All Star week is falling on this coming weekend and I just couldn’t wait to see my favourite stars playing against each other. I have been watching it ever since I studied in...


Top Legal Apps in 2012

With the right apps, your smartphone can revolutionize the way you do business—making you better-informed, more responsive to clients, and more valuable to your firm. Here are some simple tools to turn your phone...


Seo Tips about Title and Tags

SEO is important for almost all the individuals and companies. All the companies want more and more traffic to be directed toward their website. The process of performing this task takes a few months...


10 Usability Guidelines for a Remarkable Website

When your SEO strategy pays off, you’ll have plenty of traffic at your website, but the next challenge is to help your visitors find the information they need. A website that neglects usability guidelines...


How a Blog Helps SEO for a Lead Generation Website

Blogs have had an up-and-down relationship with the Google search engine. In the mid-00s, Google loved blogs; blog posts shot to the top of Google and just doing things like adding the word “blog”...


How to Prevent your Blog from Spam Comments

Everybody loves to get comments on his/her blog posts but spam comments often spoil the fun. Thus fighting comment spams on a regular basis becomes the most tedious and annoying thing. Deleting the spams...


5 Key Qualities of an Established Designer

If you believe that anyone who knows how to operate Photoshop is a designer, then you’re entirely mistaken. This is because designing isn’t all about being a software geek. It is an intricate profession...


Online task management automation

Do you still have trouble with doing things on time? You might have tried a lot, but you probably should have tried online task management. Sounds complicated? No. It makes your life easier.