Create A Website With IM Creator

Everybody seems to have a website nowadays. From bestselling authors like Jeffrey Archer to super hit movie stars like Selena Gomez and from the business based website of that local store to the aspiring writer down your street who blogs on Sundays – all have their own websites.   So maybe you too are planning to get a website designed for yourself but you are not a professional coder and do not have any good enough knowledge of things like HTML and CSS. What to do? IM Creator provides you with a solution.

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Effective Process Management Solution: My Experience With Comindware.

After reading a very informative description of Comindware solution,  I decided to express my own point of view about this new effective software solution for project management which has the potential to seriously simplify our daily work within software projects. As an experienced project manager, I know a lot about effective programs and the methods of process organization that they involve.

Comindware Tracker is the online software solution for workflow automation.  To my mind, the most convenient feature of Comindware system is the accessibility through a browser.  Every member of a project team will have an access for live updates upon the process, and the possibility of exchanging the information by means of special collaborative tools. Stakeholders and freelance professionals who work remotely over a project can have role-based access to all the important information about project tasks by means of such software.

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Over $900 Worth of Design Goods for only $49 on!

Since the spring is officially here, wants to get the things rolling and launches a new huge Design Resources Bundle! Starting Tuesday, March 27th and for a whole week you can get high-quality Design Resources for only $49!

These items will save you lots of time, energy and especially money. All the Resources are valued at $935, but with this deal you will save up to $886! This bundle is packed with great stuff such as mega vector packs, illustration sets, icons, fonts, a giga pack, some t-shirt designs, UI Elements, image effects and more. Now there is almost everything a designer should have in a single Bundle.

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GeoSurf Proxy Toolbar Review

If you need to associate the Internet with some words to describe it clearly, information, social networks or marketing are some of these. Willing or not, the online environment is turning into “another” realm of business and it’s better to stay prepared for than just expecting.

Any serious company must have an online presence and somebody to take care of advertising and branding policy. In order to help the marketing specialist there is “miracle” that makes simpler and easier any research in this field. The GeoSurf Proxy toolbar is a small item situated in your browser and it may provide useful information about the situation of any website. It’s fabulous to find out with a simple click how many advertisers and campaigns are detected in a website and optional, you may access more detailed information about these. By having installed this toolbar any user can benefit from more than 90 Premium proxy servers. Under these conditions is almost impossible not to be satisfied with the information obtained, we all know that it is priceless in advertising & marketing.

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How to Use Pinterest to Showcase Your Company’s Creativity

Just when you thought the social networks had reached their max, enter Pinterest. Now before you moan and groan about having to worry about yet another social network (at least that’s what I did), it’s important that you realize that this network does offer something that other networks do not—it’s centered around visuals. Although other social networks give you the option of posting an image or a video, Pinterest takes this to an entirely new level.

For those who are unfamiliar, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can organize your interests (hence the name). Many people use this website to plan weddings or decorate their homes. It’s a great place to pin up images, videos, and different patterns that you may find interesting. You can mix and match, so the website allows you to see visually the ideas that come into your head. Below is an example of someone who used Pinterestto store all of their recipes:

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PSD to HTML Coding Services by

Web designers and web developers often outsource PSD to HTML conversion services. It is a great solution for those freelancers, who are short on time or prefer concentrating on the creative work. There is a huge variety of PSD to HTML service providers, and it is getting harder to choose the one that meets your requirements and expectations when converting your designs into pixel perfect XHTML. One of the professional and reliable PSD to XHTML slicing services is

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Meet Inky! He is the mascot of a new website with 24 hour deals for creative professionals called!

“What’s so special about this new website and how can Inky make a difference in your creative life?” you might ask. Well, Inky is a funny looking character, but with a lot of surprises down his sleeve!

This friendly mascot brings you daily a new deal at a great price on!  Tell me this: wouldn’t it be nice to have someone that will provide you every day with the design resources you don’t have the time or the tune to create?  Inky knows that creativity takes time, time is money and money makes the world go round.

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WebHostingSecretRevealed Review

Hello there, I am Jerry and I am here to review my own blog – (WHSR). Yes I know, it’s weird to read a self-review like this; but no,  I am not going to tout much on my own horn (promise!).

Let’s go with some introduction for start. I started WHSR with one sole purpose in  mind – to develop a trustworthy hosting review blog. I used to read hours of hosting reviews and yet still find myself stuck in a terrible web host 6 months later (the name is Network Eleven – I am not sure if they are still in business). With that in mind, plus I noticed that hosting affiliate programs pay well, WHSR was born in May 2008. A few hundred bucks were out for signing up new hosting accounts as well as the marketing; and off I went writing and writing on hosting reviews as well as some other web development guides.



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Webpop is the Cloud CMS for Designers and their Clients with integrated SEO and Analytics Tools that allows full control over the design and a very easy and awesome dashboard for the owner of the website to keep up to date the content.  Webpop is absolutely scalable with no creative limitations and no hosting hassles.


Currently, Webpop is the state of the art of the Content Management Systems. Webpophas resolved a very old and complex problem in the field of the Web Design and the Content Management Systems: how to offer a platform to create truly powerful dynamic websites in a very easy way for designers, not for developers, and without using templates and preserving at a very top level the “design”.

It is not a coincidence that the claim of Webpop is: don’t betray your design

Why is it necessary that you, as a designer, has to hire a programmer or to know a lot about hard programming, to build a complete CMS, wasting a lot of money and time, each time that you need a dynamic powerful Website?

Why if you don’t want to hire a hard programmer and waste a lot of Money and time, you have to use a “templates system” and you have to betray your design most of the times?

This problem has been resolved till now in a very inappropriate way because the resolution of the problem is quite complex. That’s the reason because most of the systems works with templates. Templates are a very bad way to keep the quality of your design but a very easy way to create a simple website without coding. Webpop keeps the simplicity for Designers, allows to create dynamic websites without coding and preserves a way to make the design exactly as you did in your graphic design tool (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign…).


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