– 24 Hour Deals for Creative Professionals

Meet Inky! He is the mascot of a new website with 24 hour deals for creative professionals called!

“What’s so special about this new website and how can Inky make a difference in your creative life?” you might ask. Well, Inky is a funny looking character, but with a lot of surprises down his sleeve!

This friendly mascot brings you daily a new deal at a great price on!  Tell me this: wouldn’t it be nice to have someone that will provide you every day with the design resources you don’t have the time or the tune to create?  Inky knows that creativity takes time, time is money and money makes the world go round.


Here are some more reasons why we think you will make Inky your best friend:

  • He will bring you only high quality design resources! As innocent as he may look, Inky is not at all indulgent when it comes to his products! He will feature only the best ones!
  • Inky is very toughtfull when it comes to your wallet! He will search and get only the best deals for you, the discount going all the way up to 90%!
  •  You will be surprised how many and various design goodies he has to offer:  Wordpress themes, Vector packs, Photoshop brushes, textures, patterns and so much more! He just loves diversity!
  • Even if each deal is only available for 24 hours, Inky thinks that this is not a bad thing! It means that, in a week, you will have more awesome design resources to get your hands on!

I hope I made you curious to meet Inky and to get a taste of his splashy daily deals! To find out more about each new daily deal, visit Inky’s home, and subscribe to the daily newsletter.

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