25 Popular Fresh Resources for Designers

With a vast variety of Design tutorials,articles and resources released Everyday.This week I found some interesting fresh resources for Designers that are worth checking out.We have collected these Resources from various resources over the web especially Twitter.So please follow us on twitter here if you not a follower.


30 Cutting Edge Examples Of CSS Navigation-http://bit.ly/7LuOkF

45 Powerful CSS/JavaScript-Techniques-http://bit.ly/8LqKwZ

10 Best Tutorials To Learn CSS3-http://bit.ly/6FaXP9

Style your Web Design Using CSS3-http://bit.ly/7L7fR8

94 Css and Web Galleries To Get Inspired and Promote Your Work(Part #1)-http://bit.ly/7B2OsE

Web Design

55 Trendy Web Design Interfaces From Deviantart-http://bit.ly/7uAIkM

Progress Trackers in Web Design: Examples and Best Practices-http://bit.ly/7GvfuV

Newspapers Design-http://abduzeedo.com/newspaper-designs

Showcase of 40+ Exceptional Orange Website Designs-http://bit.ly/6jhqUe

40 best photoshop tutorials for web layouts-http://bit.ly/6lnDSW

Single Page Website Designs: 70+ Latest Examples-http://bit.ly/5iJCis

WordPress CMS

WordPress Plugins : 17 Handy Toolbars For Your Blog-http://bit.ly/6T55Z3

9 Best WordPress Tricks and Tutorials for Designers-http://bit.ly/6fTS1r

18 Unique Uses of WordPress and the Plugin or Theme Used-http://bit.ly/6OT65x

11 Stunning collections of free WordPress themes-http://bit.ly/5XPnA3

25 Creative WordPress themes you can’t miss-http://bit.ly/4XNbz0

Design Tools & Resources

40 Valuable Tools and Resources For Web Designers-http://bit.ly/6HGz46

111 Best Online Web Design Tools-http://bit.ly/5onw22

70 Free High Quality PSD File Design Resources-http://bit.ly/5VUqOa


10 Pitfalls to Avoid When Using Stock Photography-http://bit.ly/55km0L

Stunning Abstract Black and White Photography-http://bit.ly/6LjQAH

25+ Examples of High Speed Photography-http://bit.ly/6vcr0g

99 Brilliant Examples of Infrared Photography-http://bit.ly/68qG5C

Free Fonts

25 New High Quality Free Fonts-http://bit.ly/85VGwa

20 Super Clean Fonts Perfect for Minimal Style Design-http://bit.ly/4FV01S


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This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. Chris Burd

    I hate to be negative, but I’m beginning to get tired of these aggregation articles. Twenty techniques for this, 17 examples of that… do you realize you are referencing a total of 764 resources in this post?

    Come on: less equals more; a data dump unequals quality information.

  2. Dean Marshall

    Sorry to join in on the negativity also – but I really hate the user of short links in a webpage like this. They have their uses – in emails and other media where longer links get truncated / broken – but web pages can handle real urls – if done properly.

    It just irks me not being able to hover over a link and see where it will take me.

  3. skyje

    @chris : you are right but it is a nature of this type of article so i collect only 25 not 100.

    @Dean: you are right too. in the second time i will not use url shortener

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