Some latest trends of website designing for 2011

With the New Year approaching, it’s time to leave back all the old, worn out web designs and get ready for the brave new trends of tomorrow. Only if you adopt the latest trends, you can give a good shape to your website that will attract the largest amount of traffic. Make sure that you do not make any mistake while designing your website.

web design trends

Therefore, if you’re looking for effective website designing solutions that can help you create a successful website for your company; follow the latest trends mentioned below.

1. Try oversized logos:

If you’re looking for grabbing the highest number of eyeballs to your website, try oversized logos on an oversized header. Splash pages were famous but you can easily leave them back as old designs. Such headers will usually take up the entire screen, but it will hold only one important message. The page has to be designed in such a way that the visitors will not have to click on anything, rather just scroll down. The main idea behind using this trick is that big headers often attract the attention of the visitors.

2. Try sketching hand drawn designs:

You might be wondering that hand drawn designs are not at all new on the horizon, but you can try them as a must-have for your website. There is also less competition in the field of websites carrying hand-drawn designs as most of the fellow website designers cannot draw. Therefore, sketch, in 2010 will prove to be more elemental as a website designing solutions.

3. Try the exact typography:

Trying the exact typography is perhaps the exact trend that needs to be tackled by your website designer in the New Year. You are required getting the ideas right about mixing and matching various font sizes together. You can easily explore, mould the fonts and design them in order to make them suit your purpose the best. Always remember that typography is the main designing element that can interest your visitors.

Thus, if you’re aware of the latest industries that have grown to become popular, you must be aware that website designing industry is one of them. Since all companies are looking for a web space, the demand for website designers is on the rise. If you’re looking for the exact website designing solutions, follow the latest trends that will help you achieve success.


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9 Responses

  1. Punarvasu says:

    Good suggestion for new trend! May try for hand drawn designing! Nice idea!

  2. Ive tried it using a one page design

  3. well nice trends :D but i don’t agree with the no 1 : oversized logos or oversize headers , that’s not agree with the web usability issues ;)

  4. e-sushi™ says:

    Nice, small list… hope it get’s longer while 2011 comes nearer.

    Nevertheless, I guess I’ll fetch my Wacom tablet now to do some drawing… I think it will indeed make a difference!

    Now a short word to the comment by”Husien Adel”:
    Big logos are not compatible with web usability? Are you kidding me? My 2 cents are that if you code your hypertext/javascript/css correctly, your website will degrade gracefully and even work with all the graphics disabled… so where do you see web usability issues? Or did you simply forget about the blind internet users and never calculated them in? If, then your comment is even more weird than I thought! (Just Saying)

  5. This is very nice side for implement of the web design . we make diffrent type of website.

  6. Very new and use full trends of website designing for 2011

  7. IT Manager says:

    Nice roundup of trends. :)

  8. pixelshift says:

    Good start for an article! You have forgotten to do some research about: -Mobile web content, -bringing in the 3rd dimension into web (depth), -Design for touch screens, -simplicity (one page designs), -interactivity (most users are allready bored; feed them!)

    Cheers and a good interactive year for all!

  9. what about one page website trends. I personally think they lack SEO efforts.

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