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Social Media With Morals

When you think of Social Media and its uses, chances are, you’re not thinking about helping the needy first and foremost. Sure, the viral aspects of social media do allow charities to do ridiculously...


Rock Your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

Facebook has finally completed the timeline conversion so everyone needs to be on this format. One of the most important parts of the timeline format is the cover photo. The cover photo is the...


5 Tips to Market Your Facebook Page

There are a lot of different marketing tips and tricks you can do to ensure that people find your Facebook page and many brands are enjoying ample success by promoting their brand on the...


Keeeb: Save Your Web

Every day you surf the web and find amazing things. But how do you remember the bits and pieces that really matter? Keeeb lets you save, group and share single sentences or paragraphs, images...


How To Benefit From Pinterest’s Innovation

Pinboard photograph sharing website Pinterest has enjoyed one of the big internet success stories of the past couple of years and the site’s simple photo-centric design, pared-down aesthetics, accessibility, and ease of use, has...