Creative ‘About’ Pages in Web Design

For many businesses the About Us page is the highest ranked in SEO terms, especially text sparse sites. This is often the most overlooked of all pages and yet bears a huge weight in a number of ways.

Many have overlooked their ‘About’ pages seeming to run out of energy at the line. However, some truly innovative individuals have with more energy than sense have created some of the most beautiful you can imagine. Here are our top 20.

About pages should stand out and really have the ability to create a long lasting impression. In industries that are often generic and very much the same a little creativity can create something very memorable.

This is one such take:

Clarity and the ability to easily contact are also very important as this page demonstrates terrifically

This simple timeline approach offers a clear and one look design that gives instant information

It even works for bigger companies

Doing something familiar in a different way is also a great way to create something eye catching.

A take on the usual suspects

Symbolism is also a good way to give an impression. This is excellent

As is this one

Minimalism is also a great way to prevent distraction and get information across

Obviously typography is also important and big clear type is the style of the moment.

The business card about me site is also one that has come of age and allows linking to a number of sites. This allows you to keep information on a V Card

This minimalist page gets the information across very clearly

Oh, and this one too –so many good examples

Animation can also be used to create something exciting and turn the about page into a centre piece

The portrait concept is given a remake here, in silhouette form – a nice take

Showing some one real people behind the work, humanises an organisation

So, as you can see there are a number of ways to not only brighten up the about me page on a site, but actually make it the central one. After all it is the people who do the work – not the company.

This is a guest post contributed by Julie Pena, on behalf of Ryners. They specialise in office products.


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