How to increase targeted website traffic

Targeted website traffic, unlike the organic traffic, comes from the targeted audience, the niche clients who already show interest in the website services or products before visiting the site.

Suppose, I check my website traffic and find out that I have thousands or even millions of visitors daily. Does it mean that I’m doing well and by business thrives? No, unless I’ve got the corresponding number of sales.  The targeted traffic means the visitors who come to your site really looking for services and products that you offer. It might not always result in immediate sales, but at least provide leads. High targeted traffic implies higher conversion rates and increasing sales. And as the visitors are satisfied with your site content and get what they have been looking for, they will probably return to you or recommend you to someone.

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Just buy it

One of the guaranteed ways to increase traffic to your website is to buy it from a traffic service, where you can choose the country and category of visitors. Unlike SEO, Pay-Per-Click campaigns can bring fruit instantly if planned and conducted right. You should carefully choose the most specific keywords and phrases that will reduce the cost of bids. Avoid more popular words commonly used by all your business rivals. To find right words, use stats reports that indicate which words attract more targeted audience and what they do on your website. Drop the words that perform less traffic. If your potential customers belong to a certain demographic group, the highly targeted advertising PPC strategy can be the best decision for you, as you can plan your strategy to reach the target audience and lower the overall cost of the campaign.

Paying for your website being included in newsletters or e-blasts can be profitable if the design and the placement are proper. Usually, it demands thousands of dollars investments.

Purchasing bulk clicks is usually not worth spending money if your goal is to get conversions for your site.

Optimize it

Another way to get targeted traffic is Search Engine Optimization that takes your money, too, and it also takes time. But it provides visible results at lower cost.

First of all, provide high-quality content. It is the main rule which is essential to apply all the following tips. Let it be a social media post or a guest-blog, leaving alone your site pages content – the text littered with spam won’t do you any good. It will not attract customers, so it will not increase the traffic and conversion rate, and it may lead to the penalty. Get your blog providing fresh and unique content regularly. Start a forum to keep visitors on the site – they will appreciate the help with getting answers to their questions.


Surely, long-tail keywords bring to your website the people who search for solving their particular problem or satisfaction of a specific need. E.g., if you are running academic service online business, the key phrase essay writing service will bring all kinds of people, not only interested in your particular product, and if you use the phrase “C# coding assignment help” or “comparative anthropology

Native Americans essay”. Use Google suggestions as an inspiration source.


Use site traffic analysis to understand your audience and your industry competition. Some software, like BuzzSumo, can help to indicate what topics are relevant to readers. There are plenty of free tools to compare the websites and understand what your next steps in your digital marketing strategy should be.

Good Old Social Media and Mobile Optimization

They are not only sources of targeted traffic but also factors that affect your website ranking.

Make your site load fast to be mobile-friendly, and to decrease bouncing rate. Check images sizes, plugins functionality and pages structure.

Visual components

Visual components are essential to improve blended search results. Create a video how-to or a presentation to explain how to use your product. It may bring you an advantage with people interested in suchlike product acquisition and use. Create a YouTube profile and share it on your website. Submit video sitemap to Google. It will also improve your pages ranking.

Optimize the images on your website to advance them in vertical search. They should be of high quality but not large in size, with proper description. Image sitemap should also be submitted to Google.


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