4 Tips for Designing Memorable and Creative Business Cards

Even in the paperless world we live in, business cards are here to stay.

27 million business cards are printed daily. Business cards are an easy way for prospective clients to keep in touch with you. Business cards also boost brand awareness and improve your networking.

However, you can’t slap your contact information on a card and call it a day. Creative business cards will draw more attention than stereotypical-looking cards. This will help your business cards look more memorable, enticing your clients and colleagues.

If you want to design creative business cards, here are 4 tips to know.

Woman holding blank business card for mock up

1. Don’t Let the Constraints Hold You Back

The average business card is 3.5 x 2 inches. With a card this small, you might think designing a great card is impossible. However, you can still work within the constraints to add simple details.

Start with color. Black text on a white card looks bland. Make your cards pop out with interesting text colors such as red or blue (as long as it’s legible).

Do you have an artistic side? Draw little pictures or even some cool designs around the card.

Creative cards don’t end with designs and colors. Unique-shaped business cards, such as a square or circle, can draw plenty of attention.

2. Always Remember Basic Design Principles

Print has specific design principles, different from digital or any other medium.

First and foremost, if your business card has images, you’ll want to keep that at a specific resolution.

300dpi is recommended. You’ll want plenty of white space around the trim for best readability and keep the font size at 10 or 11. It’s recommended you design in CMYK.

3. Special Finishes Make a World of a Difference

An underrated aspect of business card design is the finish. Most opt for a matte finish or even a glossy image for a sleek design.

But more business card designers are offering special finishes. This includes foil and metallic. This simple finish change can make your business cards look dramatic.

Keep in mind, only specific printers can use these business card finishes.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

We all need impressive business cards, but not all of us are designers. It’s best to seek out help to ensure you have a stunning business card rather than settle for an amateur-quality business card.

There are plenty of designers who can help you create a stunning business card.

If a professional designer is too expensive, look for an intern who has the same skill but offers a lower price.

Before you hire a designer, you can also find a free business card maker and use a digital resource to design a unique business card.

Creative Business Cards: It’s All in the Design

Even in our digital world, business cards are necessary. But you’ll gain more success when you have creative business cards.

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