Netvibes Twitter Widgets

When Twitter launched There are a lot of  twitter widgets appeared

Widgets let you display Twitter updates on your website or social network page.

Here a collection of Netvibes Twitter Widgets enjoy it! .

Twitter widget

Twitter widget

A full Twitter client inside Netvibes! Follow your friends updates, read and send messages to your contacts and followers. Supports functions like Re-tweet, direct messages… (more…)

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Twitter Project Retweet: Phase One

Twitter blog say: Some of Twitter’s best features are emergent—people inventing simple but creative ways to share, discover, and communicate. One such convention is retweeting. When you want to call more attention to a particular tweet, you copy/paste it as your own, reference the original author with an @mention, and finally, indicate that it’s a retweet. The process works although it’s a bit cumbersome and not everyone knows about it. (more…)

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Twitter Complete Guide

Complete Guide to Twitter . All about twitter Resources, search, tools,mobile,buttons,icons and  tutorials. we will also mention top twitter users and twitter similar sites.


Social networking and microblogging service utilising instant messaging, SMS or a web interface.

Twitter Search:

Twitter Search

Search Twitter in realtime – see what the world is doing right now.

WhosTalkin is a tool that allows users to search for conversations on the topics they care about most.

Twitter Web App (more…)

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SMS Available to Twitter with O2 in the UK

Full, two-way interaction with Twitter over SMS is now available for everyone who uses O2, the largest mobile operator in the UK. There are no extra fees associated with Twittering over SMS on the 02 network—standard or in bundle rates apply for updating your account and receiving tweets over SMS is free so Tweet your heart out! (more…)

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Value of customers and consumers coming from Twitter

Twitter is beginning to discover the value that customers and consumers are getting from businesses who use Twitter in smart and interesting ways. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are discovering the value too—whether it’s raising the bottom line or engaging more actively with consumers. (more…)

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A Special Guide of Twitter 101

Many are seeing a wide variety of businesses using Twitter in interesting ways to create value for customers and consumers. As a result, Twitter often invited by businesses and organizations to talk about Twitter and how it can be used to better engage with customers. Twitter is still a small team so it made more sense to do some research and make it widely available rather than personally visit businesses big and small. (more…)

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Top Twitter Desktop Clients

Below some of the best Twitter desktop clients.This collection is  pretty good . clients for Twitter – all of them use the Adobe AIR platform and can therefore run on Mac and Windows. Take a look and feel free to comment on them.



TweetDeck is your personal browser for staying in touch with what’s happening now, connecting you with your contacts across Twitter, Facebook and more.

TweetDeck shows you everything you want to see at once, so you can stay organised and up to date.

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Twitter History

Twitter, which was created by a 10-person start-up in San Francisco called Obvious, is a heady mixture of messaging, social networking, “microblogging” and something called “presence,” shorthand for the idea that people should enjoy an “always on” virtual omnipresence. (more…)

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Blog Twitter Tools

A list of the top twitter tools for blog owners.This creates a complete integration between you and Twitter.Please add your comments with tools you use.


is another one of those little extras you can use. I use twitterfeed to send my most recent blog post to my twitter account. By using twitterfeed, whenever I do a new post, it shows up in my twitter conversation and I don’t have to do anything. There are plugins you can use with WordPress to accomplish this too. (more…)

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