5 twitter follow me icons collections

Collection of Twitter Bird follow me icons help you gain more followers.Follow me on twitter icons for blog, falling leaves twitter icon, Twitter sticker icon, png twitter icon, Vector based twitter icon set, free twitter icons.

1-Randa Clay – Free Twitter Graphics

18 different Twitter buttons like this one.

twitter1gif.gif (more…)

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top 20 twitter wordpress plugins

Here are 20 of the best twitter wordpress plugins to help you be more social and gain more followers

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1-Twitter Poster

The Twitter Poster is a plugin which allows wordpress publishers to automatically post their new posts to their Twitter account.

2-Twitter Friends Widget

Displays your Twitter friends with their profile images in the sidebar.

3-TweetMeme Button

Adds the TweetMeme button into your posts and RSS feed.

4-WP to Twitter

Posts a Twitter status update when you update your blog or post to your blogroll, using the Cligs URL shortening service. (more…)

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62 twitter tools

Twitter Tools to Help You Achieve All Your Goals to improve your Twitter experience

Here’s 62 of cool Twitter tools you can use to make your Twittying.



TwitBin is an extension for firefox that brings the power of twitter right in your browser. Where you can quickly and easily send and receive messages via twitter in your firefox browser.

2-Yahoo Sideline

Yahoo Sideline is one of the newer Twitter apps that has gotten a lot of attention recently. It’s basically a real-time monitor of the Twitter public timeline. It’s built using Adobe Air and it lets you create custom queries and group them by topics of interest. (more…)

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6 tutorials to gain more twitter followers


Followers are people who receive other peoples’ Twitter updates. (Wait, isn’t that everyone? Most of the time, yes.)  When you post an update to your Twitter account, your followers will get it on their home page and/or phone. You don’t have to follow everyone who follows you, and unless an account is private, you can follow and un-follow who ever you want without them following back.  Mutual followers can send each other private messages, and you can even choose to get notified by email when someone new follows you or sends you a private message

this tips will help you gain more Followers

1-How to Get More Twitter Followers: Some Methods That Work

Why would you want to get more Twitter followers? What purpose does it serve? And what steps should you take to increase your Twitter followers? These are questions often asked by normal users, brands and business owners who not only see Twitter as a means of social interaction but an effective marketing platform. (more…)

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18 amazing twitter wallpapers

Great looking free Cool Wallpaper, screensaver, desktop theme.free twitter background for your twitter account, twitter bacgrounds and photos for twitter here are 18 amazing twitter wallpapers

1-Twitter Style Bird Mascot

Twitter Style Bird Mascot by Andrew Abogado.


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