How to Be a Productive Blogger: The 2 Online Tools You Will Ever Need

The growing popularity of blogs as a tool for self-publication on the Internet can be explained by the fact that numerous web applications for Internet journalists had widely spread in the last few years. A few years ago, a blogger would need a large set of applications, graphical editor, viewer, RSS, and so on, while today, all these tasks can be performed with the help of only one or a couple of online blogging tools. Blogging is especially popular among students. Some young people prefer to have their own blog, and others just enjoy reading them, but in any case, blogging is a very effective tool for studying because youth can learn a lot of useful life hacks or interesting information while writing or just reading blogs.


Many modern companies also have blogs now. For example, if you visit admission essay writing service, you will find many interesting “how-to” articles that will help you in writing your academic papers.

If you are just thinking about starting your own page or dream of becoming the best online journalist, you can use these 2 apps that will make path much simpler; we present you 2 best productivity tools for blogging.

1. HootSuite.

Bloggers inevitably turn to social media to attract readers to their sites. HootSuite will help you manage these services and use them all during the day more efficiently than it would be if you use each social network separately. Thanks to the support of the biggest social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others, HootSuite encompasses all services that can be really useful for you.

Why is it useful? If you’re serious about social media, a professional subscription gives you even more options, including the possibility to add members to a group, gather statistics on how often people share your links on Twitter, and so on. Of course, at an early stage of your blogging career, you probably won’t find these features very effective or important, so if you are just starting your way then using a free version will be enough for you.

This program will allow you to plan posts in advance. This means that you will only need to make a schedule and note which article should be posted on a certain resource at a particular time (date), and this tool will do everything else for you. It’s very convenient. Imagine that you can write several articles at once, but you won’t be tied to a computer to post them at the right time as this program can handle such task.

An additional advantage is that this program has an app for IOS and Android devices that provides you complete mobility in your work.

2. Evernote.

If you travel a lot and always come up with fresh ideas for new posts on the go – then Evernote is exactly what you need; this app is one of the best productivity tools for taking notes, which has a great web interface, and, in addition, there is a desktop app for smartphones. Evernote can synchronize your notes with your profile. So you can access them anywhere, using any device.

Evernote also scans the images you upload and makes the text from the photos easy to search; this app has a lot to offer you, so the next time you will be planning the new article for your blog just use your phone!


Evernote is a free program. Actually, it offers several packages of features including a free option. If we talk about professional journalists or bloggers, they will most likely need the premium package which has the following functions:

  • Organization of notes across all platforms;
  • Ability to copy the web pages and images;
  • Search for text in images;
  • Ability to share the access and discuss notes;
  • Password lock in mobile applications;
  • Work in offline notebooks;
  • Possibility to send emails to your Evernote account;
  • Communication with customer support by email;
  • Technical support chat;
  • Search for text in PDF;
  • Search for text in Office documents;
  • Work with PDF files;
  • Scanning and digitization of business cards;
  • Demonstration of notes in one click;
  • Access to history of notes;
  • Ability to view similar notes.

This program should be not less effective for daily routine of successful people. This is a very convenient application because it has many functions that are useful for every modern person for personal productivity.


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