5 interesting ways to use stickers for marketing your blog

Just like many offline businesses fail to realize the power of Internet for marketing purpose, many online ventures make an even bigger mistake of not considering the offline marketing tactics to promote their blogs or websites. It doesn’t matter at all if you are selling your products or services at a brick and mortar store, or bits and bytes store. At the end of the day, you are looking for customers/visitors and for that you need marketing, and there’s no law that stops you from using an offline channel, if your business exists in the cyber world (or vice versa). If you are running an online business or blog that’s targeting the users coming from a particular locality or city, and you are relying solely on Search Engine Optimization (or other online strategies), then you are probably missing a trick. At times, reaching out directly to your target market while using a number of offline marketing channels can turn out to be far more cost-effective, and beneficial as compared to getting engaged in a painfully long battle of SERP’s.

stickers marketing

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Making use of anunorthodox, yet highly effective tool known as stickers is one such tactic. It’s cheap, it’s unconventional, and it is quite easy to pull off. Chances are that you have got someone offering printing service in a nearby market, in case you can’t find any, you can always use one of those online printing services like $ or $, and get the stickers delivered at your doorstep. Once you’ve found such service and inquired about the rates, all you need to do is to think of an idea on how to use this wonderful tool to reach out to your target market.

Remember, that you need people to put these stickers on their stuff, so you will have to give them a reason to place them on their cars, bikes, doors, shops, desktops, and the likes. Following are some ideas that you can use on stickers along with the URL of your website/blog and get some free promotion.


People like to read and share inspirational messages with their friends, colleagues, customers, etc.If you can think of an inspirational message to put on your sticker, especially with a picture (because a picture is worth a thousand words),chances are that the sticker will find its place on their possessions. Remember that the inspirational message or quote must be relevant to your target market. For example, if your target market consists of marketing personals, you can think of a message giving them some insightful advice on dealing with people, motivation, or if you are catering teenagers, you can try quotes talking about following your dreams and the likes.

One liner

Another thing that you’ll find people sharing, something that brings smile to their faces, or make them look at the challenges of life in a lighter way, it can be something very simple like “The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese”. You can search the ever-so-reliant internet to find a relevant one liner, or you can think of an interesting one that syncs with your website or blog.

Cool Statements

Cool one-liners are a little different to the funny ones; these are statements with an attitude, allowing the users to kind of brag, which is fine, because your URL is getting promoted while someone tries to make an impression. Again this one will work if you can strike the right chord, remember your target market and think of some point that they’d like to show off for fun, and chances are that many of them will oblige.

Everyday Messages

You can always get some stickers with a message of routine use and distribute them to shopkeepers, professionals, or anybody else who will use them on their doors, in shops, desktops, and the likes. For example, you can get some interesting stickers printed with the sign that says “push” or “pull” for doors and many shopkeepers will happily use it on their shops.


The aforementioned ideas were for those who are in a hurry, but you never know, how some “out of the box” thinking can get you a novel idea that will click and get your business into the limelight, by getting the stickers with your URL at every nook or corner of the locality.

The best part is that stickers doesn’t cost much as far as printing charges are concerned, you can visit some local printing shop or simply search for an online service that ships to your country and you will be ready to go.

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