Top 3 Online Tools to Check DA and PA of Multiple Website at Once

Domain authority is the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the website. It is used to examine website trust and user engagement. The da checker gives the analysis of the website. The domain authority comprises several things that include referring domains and the total number of backlinks.

The website with a higher number of referring domains has good authority than the website that doesn’t contain it. The choice of referring domains is also very important, the people who choose backlinks from low authority domains tend to have the same results. The backlink taken from a high-quality domain gives good ranking and authority to the website.

Google claims that domain authority is not developed by them and it doesn’t have any effect in google rankings but with several experiments and trails on using a good domain authority website and low domain authority website. It can be clearly stated that websites with high domain authority rank higher in google.


Although Google ranks websites with low domain authority and it ranks very easily it only happens in the niche of low competitions. When competition is high and google has to choose the content from various websites. Then, preferred websites are high authority websites. They not only rank higher in search results but prevail for a longer time.


Project backlinks are one of the best bulk da checkers of 2020. It searches out all the relevant backlinks regarding your website in seconds. Project backlinks also point out the quality and strength of websites that provide you backlinks.

Project backlinks most importantly mention the root domains that refer to your website. It provides you with the speed and quality of content on your website. Just providing a link of your website to Project backlinks you can avail all of these benefits in just one click.

The best part of Project backlinks is that you don’t need to register or provide your personal information to use it. You can use it without registration and log in anywhere with just an internet connection.

All you need to do is to provide your website link and this bulk authority checker will provide you with the best results in seconds. You can also use it as a page authority checker. It is good as a bulk authority checker. Using it your page authority checker you can create better links for your page and moreover, it can act as a perfect SEO page.


Pre-post SEO is one of the most reliable websites. It is a bulk da checker. It checks da within seconds. You can paste numerous links at the same time and check their domain authority and page authority all in one click.

You can use this tool for free and you can also register and login to create a record of your results. Using Pre-post SEO you can check domain age, IP address and even google index pages. When your results are finalized you can also download your result in an excel sheet. And view anywhere, offline.

Pre-post SEO also helps you to determine the quality of your content. And the types of backlinks such as what type of backlink is affecting your website and making it rank lower in Google searches.

Pre-post SEO is a mobile-friendly tool with Pre-post SEO you can easily check page authority and domain authority with just one click. It uses a scale to check page authority or domain authority of your website or page this scale usually ranges from 0 to 100. Pre-post SEO is trustable website worldwide and gives effective results every time.


Eros soft is no doubt a perfect website as a website authority checker and as a pa checker. It is a free and trustable website that requires an internet connection. It also doesn’t require any signups or logins.

It mainly focuses on the strength of your website. Eros soft also provides relevance to your website in a specific area. It provides a scale of relevance normally ranging from 1 to 100. It is a very reliable tool and is very easy to use even for new ones.

By entering the link to your website or your page Eros soft checks page authority and domain authority within seconds. It allows you to add up to 20 links at a time that’s why it is one of the most favorite page authority checkers worldwide.

After entering links to your website or page you need to solve a simple captcha and the best results according to your need would be ready. You can use Eros soft for your website and page as well as for other websites and pages such as google index, google cache, and many more. A trusted and good website to work with.


The domain authority checker is very crucial for regularly maintaining the quality of the website. You can increase the domain authority of the website by linking it to good external websites. The website domain authority can be sometimes low because the referring domain link is not crawled by google.

The crawl bot of google checks every website and ranks it. The problem comes when the link is not understandable by Google and doesn’t index the website. The website can also face lower domain authority due to the high spam score that is caused by taking backlinks from low authority websites.

The best way to increase the domain authority and audience of the website is to create good quality content for your website. The content should be very engaging and helpful for the reader so that they stay there for a long time.

The more time a person spends on your website. The more it is good for the website. The website authority checker takes it very seriously for domain authority. The da checker in this article is free to use and can be used by anyone in the world. There is no need for any sort of downloading.


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