What Makes or Breaks an Effective Footer

There are many different elements to a web page that need to come together in order to make a site user friendly. One important aspect of a site that is often overlooked is the footer. There are certain necessary elements that can make or break a footer.

website footer

Site Map

A site map is an important aspect of a website. It helps a surfer know what items are on a site and where they may be located. People want to find the information they are looking for quickly and easily or they will go elsewhere. If a site is disorganized or important information is difficult to find, a surfer will become disenchanted.

With so many websites on the Internet, cohesive, organized content is vital to keep surfers on a site become customers.  A site map will help surfers find what they are looking for and keep the site organized. For example, a website that sells Mustang parts can have a site map that will allow customers to find the specific parts they are looking for and navigate to them quickly and easily.

Top Links

When users scan a footer they don’t want to take the time to scroll back to the top of the web page. If a footer has a link to the top of the page it can help surfers move back to the top of the site and navigate from there.

White Space

Many web designers pack so much information into a footer that it appears cluttered. As with a web page, a web page footer needs sufficient white space. When designing a web footer, it is important to create a way for the necessary information to be included without overwhelming the web surfer.

Contact Information

The best way for a web page owner to make sure that potential customers can reach the business with questions is to have contact information on every page of the site. Placing a contact form in the footer will help make sure those potential customers and current customers know how to reach you.

About Us Information

People want to know about an organization. With so many questionable businesses on the Internet, surfers want to know that the companies they work with are real. Placing “About Us” information on a web page footer can help people realize your company is legitimate.

The information that a company places in a footer can make or break a website. A site map, contact information and “About Us” information helps people know how to navigate a site, reach the company with questions, and learn more about the company before they become customers. Keeping a footer organized and uncluttered can help make a footer the final professional touch on a website.

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