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At the start of the year, you may want to Spring clean the house and the décor at the same time. Here we look at the transition from 2012 fashions into the longer-lasting style for interior design in 2013. Whether you want to completely transform the house, or incorporate some of the significant looks for this year, there is something for everyone.

Key trends for 2012 were Nostalgia – the inspiration coming from the year of the Jubilee, the London Olympics and still remembering the Royal Wedding from 2011. Kitchens and gardens drew ideas from nostalgia, vintage and the 1940s/50s. Moving into autumn and winter, we were yearning for the Rustic – think American Pioneers, homemade items and chunky wood. Throughout the year we brought out our sense of humour and childlike qualities through the Whimsical theme. We fell in love with Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland in 2010 and Pre-Raphaelites are back at the Tate and back in favour.

The Pantone colour of the year will be emerald. This can be incorporated into all the trend themes for the year and will be a key hue for accessories. PANTONE® 17-5641 if you want to rush out and get ahead of the neighbours.

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Out with ‘accent colours’ and in with ‘accent textures’. The textures may be materials or prominent sculptures. Brass and marble are the materials of choice. Fabrics take on bold wallpaper prints for those people who don’t want to go the whole hog and line the walls with anything too loud. The key this year is to set colour against white backgrounds. Neutral hues will adorn our walls instead, as people seek to devote more thought into long-lasting décor. Update the look of your walls with a high-tech Karlsson clock.

Nostalgia goes a little more 60s than 40s/50s. Brights – spring into summer with primary and bonbon colour palettes. They’re not bright as in gaudy, but a muted candy colour selection (again set on a white background. Cut glass and crystal items such as bowls, plates or decanters are investment retro vintage pieces. Dig out Granny’s old china, Aunt Tessie’s sherry glasses and other family heirlooms as this look focuses on the best of the past.

Rustic still abounds, nature and purity are key elements in our lives as we look away from the mass-produced to the rustic and homemade. Harness the power of nature, gather materials from the garden and make your own art. Mushroom colours and even mushrooms are being mooted as an alternative to house plants this year. Wood sculptures and terrariums (glass aquariums for miniature indoor gardens) will become focal points. Retro botanical designs on cushions and curtains are really hot right now. Insect and animal prints also accompany this theme well and add a new dimension. You may consider bamboo or stone flooring. African patterns make a bit of a comeback, overtaking American Pioneer in popularity. The two can fit quite well together, so don’t throw out those Native American quilts just yet.

Whimsical turns to Romantic, as the pre-Raphaelite masterpieces are on display at the Tate we hark back to knights, maidens and chivalry. For this look you can really go to town with colour of the year (Emerald, remember?) as well as other jewel colours – perhaps in stained glass windows or art for the house if you don’t want to start changing the double glazing. If you are considering a change of windows, then you can’t go wrong with leaded glass if it suits your house. Gloss has also been spotted on the hot lists of interior designers for 2013 – whether paint or shiny, iridescent fabrics. Great for bedrooms.

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