Inexpensive But Effective Ways to Market Your E-Commerce Business

The world of retail has changed in a big way from how it was a couple of decades ago. Back then, brick-and-mortar shops were prevalent, and there were few, if any, online stores.

Today paints a different picture. In a world of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon, traditional brands and retailers are recognizing the importance of maintaining a strong online presence to keep their current customers and attract potential ones. More and more e-commerce sites are also popping out every day, so the competition among these businesses is tough. You have to find ways to make your site stand out from the rest. Here are some unique and inexpensive but greatly effective strategies you can use for your online business:

ecommerce business

  • Give a strong call-to-action message on your site.

Sometimes your website’s visitors need a bit of urging as to what exactly you want them to do. With a strong call to action, you can persuade your visitors to check out your products and buy them, and thus you can increase your sales and profits. When creating a call to action, it helps to create a sense of urgency. For instance, if you’re putting out information about a sale, displaying the date of the end of the sale will make people hurry to take advantage of the bargain.

  • Practice the art of giving.

People love getting pleasant surprises, especially when they come in the form of unexpected gifts. You can give your current customers a little souvenir or two as a way of saying thank you for having patronized your business. These gifts can be anything—a customized pen, a pillow, or even disposable coffee cups can be things your customer will appreciate.

  • Give gift certificates or coupons.

If you’re having trouble connecting with your target market on social media, why not get the help of your current customers? You can give incentives to them such as gift certificates or coupons for the return favor of sharing your content or promoting your business on their social media accounts. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved—your customers are happy because because they get to take advantage of deals and you are too because your brand will be able to grow its social media presence.

  • Spread a positive emotional message.

There’s a reason why so many inspirational stories go viral nowadays: people are moved by stories about positive emotions—about love, sacrifice, family, friendship, selflessness, and human charity. In promoting your brand, it’s important to clearly point out what your business can do to improve the lives of your customers. Having a strong emotional appeal will endear your business to potential customers.

  • Partner with online influencers.

With vlogging becoming a trend that’s not looking to die down anytime soon, it will be greatly beneficial for your company to partner with Youtuble video bloggers whose target audience is the same as your own. Look for people who have a large and loyal following and who have solid media clout (that is, who get solid engagement on their posts).

It takes a great deal of effort to market your e-commerce business, but it’s well worth it Industry experts predict that sales from e-commerce retail is increasing, and it’s only going to become stronger in the coming years.


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