5 Failure Factors of a Brand Identity System

I always keep one thing in mind learned from my days in college and university that if you are capable of selling water with a name, then you are capable of marketing anything with a brand label. While the notion of advertising and brand identity development has progressed to excellent heights, consumers continue to get the wrong idea of what is the difference between a brand and a product. Not just that, companies also fails to comprehend the distinction between an item for consumption and a brand name.

The item you create for selling only informs your clients what you put forward. However, a brand identity system is what explains how you are special from your competitors and why should they consider you over other identical entities.  This is one main reason why a brand identity system fails. Let us discuss some more chief factors why a brand identity system fails to deliver:

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What is branding and why does it matter? [Infographic]

Branding is a word that is used a great deal these days. But what does it actually mean? The Design Council defines a brand as: “a set of associations that a person (or group of people) makes with a company, product, service, individual or organization. These associations may be intentional – that is, they may be actively promoted via marketing and corporate identity, for example – or they may be outside the company’s control.” (Source: The Power of Branding: a practical guide. The Design Council). (more…)

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How to Select an Ecommerce Provider

With the numerous opportunities for making money on the internet, many people are now involved in all kinds of online businesses. One major feature of successful online businesses is e-commerce enables sites. However, anyone running an e-commerce business needs to be careful when selecting a web hosting provider. To have a successful online store, it is very important to choose a web host who can offer helpful services and features.

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5 interesting ways to use stickers for marketing your blog

Just like many offline businesses fail to realize the power of Internet for marketing purpose, many online ventures make an even bigger mistake of not considering the offline marketing tactics to promote their blogs or websites. It doesn’t matter at all if you are selling your products or services at a brick and mortar store, or bits and bytes store. At the end of the day, you are looking for customers/visitors and for that you need marketing, and there’s no law that stops you from using an offline channel, if your business exists in the cyber world (or vice versa). If you are running an online business or blog that’s targeting the users coming from a particular locality or city, and you are relying solely on Search Engine Optimization (or other online strategies), then you are probably missing a trick. At times, reaching out directly to your target market while using a number of offline marketing channels can turn out to be far more cost-effective, and beneficial as compared to getting engaged in a painfully long battle of SERP’s.

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22 Internet Marketing Tools for every Serious Webmaster

If you have been online for a while you should know about some popular web tools. This goes double for experienced webmasters who have been running websites on a few years. But professional and novice alike can come to agree that Internet tools are by far the best way to support a marketing plan. Below are 22 amazing Internet Marketing tools all built in-browser to support the growth of your website(s). Let us know your thoughts in the comments area bellow.

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