Top 7 SEO Analysis Tools Every UK SEO Expert Use

The one thing that really differentiates SEO from all other marketing methods is the fact that it’s measurable. Its progress can be followed and monitored almost too accurately. This is one fundamental characteristic that can only be attributed to SEO. It is what makes it different.

Well, a good kind of different.

When you use offline or other digital marketing strategies, the numbers become hard to keep track. We could argue about this point but generally speaking, it is really difficult to keep tabs on other marketing strategies.

When you make use of flyers, you can’t really count the exact number of people who bought your product with the flyers’ influence. You can create an estimate based on the difference in your sales trend before and after implementing the marketing strategy, but still, you can never define the “raw” numbers.

The same goes with social media marketing. You can place ads in different social media platforms but you really have no way of knowing the exact number of people who respond to these ads. In SEO, numbers are necessary for progress. Metrics will show you exactly where and when you’re winning or what you’re losing. It’s a very handy strategy.

However, tracking SEO’s progress is not possible using pen and paper alone. There are signs as seen on this website but in order to validate your progress, you need measurable proof. Thus, you need the right tools if you want to achieve the right results. Fortunately, the internet is not such a greedy place. It provides us (more specifically, companies do) with what we need in order to make our campaigns successful.

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Below, we have listed some of the most convenient programs you should be using this 2020. SEO is changing. Old tools may not provide you with what you need anymore. The rules of the game are changing so it’s high time you upgrade your SEO tool set too! The following programs will most definitely help you rank Google this year:

My Site Auditor

The best SEO approach starts with an intensive site audit. After all, you have to be able to identify your websites strengths and weaknesses before you can move forward with the proceeding steps. A thorough site audit will reveal which areas of your website can be left as is and which areas should be improved. Luckily, online software like MySite Auditor can help you accomplish just that.

You can check how your webpages’ SEO currently perform by using this nifty online tool. The service also offers a free 10-day trial so you might as well grab it while it lasts.

SEO Site Checkup

This 2nd tool is similar to My Site Auditor but it also offers several new functions that will come in handy to your campaign. Using this software, you can instantly analyse potential SEO issues in your website. It also has a performance monitoring system that allows you to track how your SEO is performing weekly. It notifies you of changes, positive or negative, so that you can act fast when the situation calls for it. This tool also offers a 14-day free trial which can be cancelled at any time!

MozKeyword Explorer

Next up is Moz. If you’ve been learning about digital marketing for a while now, Moz may be a familiar name already. They’re a pretty popular website for marketers, who search for information related to SEO. Moz also has a variety of optimization tools up its alley and one of the most helpful is its keyword explorer.

SEO and keywords are terms that are inseparable. You can even say that a large part of SEO involves keyword research. After all, you need to identify which keywords you want to rank for in the SERPs. Moz Keyword Explorer can help you search for the best and most effective keywords to use in your content – and you can get started using their 30-day free trial!

MozLink Explorer

If there’s a tool for keywords, there’s also one for links. Another pillar of SEO is link-building. Every do-follow link your website gets from other reputable sites, the higher your authority is online. Google as well as other search engines regard backlinks as proof of quality and relevance. More backlinks would mean that more websites trust your content and that search engines should do the same.

This Moz tool can help you track your backlinks as well as those of your competitors. In order to stay ahead of the competition, you need to be knowledgeable about competitor movement too, after all! Get your link metrics on the go with this useful tool.

Google Keyword Planner

Who best knows which keywords will work better than Google? Since the search engine receives millions of queries per day, it knows exactly how people phrase their searches. Google’s Keyword Planner is a great tool that experts use. It can help you identify which keywords are the most effective to use in your SEO campaign. Of course, good help doesn’t come for free but if you have the budget why not?

Schema App

Ever heard of Schema Markup? Well, in SEO, integrating a structured schema in your website can help users get a better understanding of what your website is all about. It is code that can be read by search engines (semantic vocabulary) in order to get a more accurate picture of what your website content offers. With Schema App, you don’t have to write codes yourself, it can be automatically generated for you.


This one is a 100% free Chrome extension that you can use to instantly get the SEO metrics of websites you visit. You can check a webpage’s Domain Authority, Page Authority, Spam Scores, and other relevant information fast and easy using this extension tool. This comes in handy when you’re doing market research and you’re trying to follow competitor movements. Every page you visit and link you click on, you can get instantaneous results.

Then again, if you’re not keen ondoing your website’s SEO yourself, you can always outsource to real professionals.  At the very least, you already have an idea about the tools they’re likely to use!


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