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Top 5 Apps For Selfies

Facetune ($2.99) Facetune is the ultimate editing app for selfies. It has been compared to having Photoshop directly on your phone, that’s how many features this popular app provides. Don’t like the color of...


How Free Apps Can Prove To Be Beneficial

Twitter, Facebook, several other social networking sites, news channels and portals, game developers have all expanded their business by launching apps for smartphones. Today, you do not need to be an expert to realize...


The Five Best Photo Apps

Photo apps for mobile devices are radically changing the way in which we think about taking, framing and sharing our photos in modern society. While everyone has heard of Instagram, there are a huge...


Top 5 Most Useful Apps for Kindle Fire

There are wide varieties of applications for Amazon Kindle Fire. Now consumers have the access to the both paid and free applications. Depending up the area of interest, now you can find any type...


Top Legal Apps in 2012

With the right apps, your smartphone can revolutionize the way you do business—making you better-informed, more responsive to clients, and more valuable to your firm. Here are some simple tools to turn your phone...

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