Social Media Marketing Tips To Improve Your Campaign

Let’s take a look at some more social media marketing tips to help you get started and improve your campaign…

Connect With The Relevant Audiences

It is important to make sure that you target your marketing efforts on a very specific niche. The companies that do best are those that find a platform that suits their product. For instance, the majority of people don’t go on Twitter to follow their favourite food blogs and businesses. Instead, they hop on over to Pinterest, Instagram, and even YouTube. If that’s more your area, you should be on these sites.

Remember Your Core Objectives

Social media famously drains the world of time and saps our productivity as individuals. But, as discussed, the same can happen for businesses. Often businesses will get side-tracked with a particular social media project without realising that it isn’t something that will generate sales or increase their profitability. Only do things on social media that will ultimately result in more sales.

Make Your Brand “Tweetable”

What made Donald Trump’s presidential campaign so successful? Most people would respond that it was his use of Twitter. No matter which side of the political spectrum you are on, there’s no denying that the man is a master of this particular tool. Businesses can use Twitter to a similar effect – although they might want to steer clear of politics. If you have new wholesale products being released, build your own social media campaign through Twitter – just like you’re running your own election!

Have Fun

Branding doesn’t have to be serious across the board. There are also plenty of opportunities to have fun too with humorous and whimsical elements. Some solopreneurs and small businesses do things like include funny cartoons, or advertise using memorable, but humorous moments. Often, there’s no better way to forge a link with a community than through a funny rendition of your shared sacrifice.

Match Your Brand To Your Personality

The last thing you want as an entrepreneur is for your business to be another “me too” brand. One way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to build a brand around your personality, rather than what you think the market wants. Often you’ll find that when a brand is built around you, and not a projection of what you’d like to be, customers find their experience with you more authentic.

Often, entrepreneurs can be embroiled in a brand for so long that they fail to see how their brand is either embarrassing them or bringing them down. Remember, as an entrepreneur, you can afford to be a little racy. Just bear in mind that your customers are far more likely to promote you if they think that you’re authentic.

Be Consistent

Whether you’re posting on Facebook or interacting with customers in person, it pays to be consistent. People can smell a fake business and a phony attitude from a mile off, and they don’t like it when business materials aren’t consistent. Make sure your business cards, pens, fridge magnets and website artwork all complement one another. Some of the best website builders help you to keep everything consistent, making it a lot easier to manage your online presence. Don’t leave your old brand on display, as this might confuse people.

For small business owners and entrepreneurs especially, the importance of having a focused approach to social media cannot be overlooked.


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