Inspiration or Intellect in Logo Design – Which is better?

Being a logo designer, I realize the various problems faced in starting a logo design project. The myriad questions that start bursting out of your mind as to how to go about your work leave you stranded. Some designers believe that ideas will only come by sifting the internet for inspiration. While on the other hand, some consider pure intellect better for idea generation.

So, regardless of which course of action is better, let us discuss the aspects arising from both these methods i.e. inspiration and pure intellect.


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20 Amazing Logos Inspired From Animals!

As a logo designer, I have always believed that inspiration can be derived out of anything in this world. We can get stimulus from our surroundings and environments. We can even carve out an idea for logo design from wild nature. A creative logo is one that explains the meaning in an interesting and analogical manner. Using animals and other wild creatures in a logo design is a creative and effective idea.Since the job of the symbol used in logo is to explain the gist of the business. Each animal of the jungle has a different set of uniqueness and traits that can be attributed to a company. As an easy example, consider the Lion. Its characteristics include bravery, courage, sovereign and dominance. This can be accredited to a company by using the lion figure within a logo design. (more…)

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16 Creative Logo Design Galleries for Designer Inspiration

Inspiration for logo designing can come from anywhere. You just need the observational powers and curiosity to get stimulated by your surroundings. As a logo designer, I constantly yearn for any resources to get motivation for logo design ideas. At the moment, several online sites have been launched that showcase logo designs for encouraging and motivational purposes. These logo design galleries embrace over thousands of creative logos that will teach you a new approach to logo designing. However, we must never confuse inspiration with plagiarism which is a serious offense.

Even if you are not a designer you will undoubtedly love to browse through these fascinating logo design galleries. Over the years, I have been browsing the following 16 galleries whenever I’m in need of a creative spark. I recommend you visit these sites and be amazed and inspired.

1. Logo Moose

logo (more…)

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20 Creative Logos With Concealed Messages!

To make a creative logo design is not every designer’s work. One of the most difficult of designs in branding is the art of hidden logos. Since I am also a logo designer, I have been fond of learning the art of creating logos with hidden messages. You must be familiar of some famous logos that display a concealed meaning within thei logo. As an example, take the FedEx logo that has an arrow concealed in between the ‘E’ and ‘x’.

The most popular method of erecting hidden logos is by employing negative space.
For you to understand the concept of hidden logos with negative space, here is an inspirational collection of 20 inspiring logos that conceal a hidden messages . So come along and see if you can decipher them out.

247 b/w

Creative Logo (more…)

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Important Interview Questions for Logo Designers – Prepare Yourselves!

Ever had this moment where you are sitting in an interview for a job and you blank out in front of the interviewer? It is a real dreadful site for a professional logo designer to be unprepared in a job interview. This is especially for aspiring logo designers who lack the experience of going through the hiring phase. In order to pass a recruitment interview, you must come prepared with all possible things that might be asked from you. Since most design interviews are typical and have similar questions, you can brace yourself for the meeting well in advance.


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4 Wicked Types of Client to Avoid – Beware Logo Designers!

For a logo designer, client is everything for their logo design business. This is because the clients are the ones who provide you with the revenues and profits. This is why it is significant to understand clients for your design business. However don’t be exceedingly reliant on clients otherwise you will be trampled.

There are certain clients that are so wicked that they turn out to be a nuisance for logo designers. Clients who coerce designers to perform out of the boundaries are not goof for designers. And no logo design project can work productively without a mutual understanding between clients and designers.

avoid the difficulties (more…)

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