10 Awesome Fonts Perfect For Designers

Everyone knows that for any design project, choosing the perfect font or type specimen can make the difference between a great result and a total failure.

Typography plays the most important role in sending a message to new readers or new users with maximum of efficiency, thus you need to find inspiring fonts very fast. Nowadays, there are many websites that feature awesome fonts, so your workload to find what you are looking for is greatly reduced to maximum a few hours.

Kreativ Font features some of the greatest and hot new typefaces created in recent times. Every showcased font is carefully hand-picked based on looks, usability and features so that you don’t have to waste time looking for type that don’t work.

What is also interesting is that they also create their own fonts, which means they have the expertise to know which fonts is good or not for design projects.

Another interesting feature are their Google Chrome add-ons, Font App and Font App Extension which basically is an useful extension that will present you the latest fonts, the hottest font and deals without going to their website everyday. Additionally for Android phones, the check out Font App for Android.

Below you can find a collection of 10 geometric and handmade fonts for new media designers


Old School Tatoo



Hurme Geometric Sans




Pacific Northwest

Anna Clara


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