Usability – The Most Important Factor for any eCommerce Site

There are many online stores so the competition is fierce. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, you will have to concentrate on the usability of the site, for this, you must opt for the best software solution, Magento.

If you have an online store you need to stay competitive and become a leader in your specific the field. The most important factor of any ecommerce site is impressing your target audience with your the products and prices. If your online store doesn’t feature high quality products at an affordable price you won’t be able to overtake the competition. Another important aspect that you can’t overlook is usability. Visitors to sites prefer those that are easy to navigate and convenient to use.

Let’s have a look at the usability criteria that your magento ecommerce website should have. When magento experts develop your site, you should ask them to meet the criteria given below.


1. You must use headlines, subheads and breadcrumb navigation so that shoppers can identify what page they are on.

2. Your phone number and contact details should be clearly visible on the website. It should be prominently displayed.

3. Your site should have a “Wishlist” facility. Customers prefer this because it helps them to save products for later. They can also email their “wishlist” to someone else, a great function to have around the holiday period.

4. You can also have the option for customers to buy a “gift certificate” on your website. This will attract more customers as many people would prefer to give their friends and family a gift voucher eliminating the stress of making the wrong choice.

5. The search function of your website should be prominent so that visitors don’t find it difficult to locate.

6. You can add a search option by category refinement. This will give shoppers easy access to different sections of the website.

7. You must allow your shoppers to refine the product results by shape, size, color and so on. They should also be able to clear/change the refinements whenever they want.

8. Your site must contain a “show per page” option. This will allow the visitors to show a given number of items.

9. Before the checkout process your site should show related products. Even after the shopper has added the selected items to cart, related products can be shown.

10. Giving a product picture and price is not enough. You should also provide product details to answer your shoppers’ queries related to that product.

11. Your website should also feature a “Guest Checkout” facility so that customers needn’t register.


These things should be included in your ecommerce website if you’d like to attract and retain customers. When the site builder creates your site using magento development tools, ask them to meet these usability criteria.


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