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How to Promote Your Blog

If you have joined the blogging world in recent years, you will know how it works. If you have decided to write a blog then you probably feel you have something to say. You...

email safe

Keeping Your Email Safe

Email is much less secure than most people believe, and considerably less secure than they find acceptable. For instance, many employees are horrified to learn that it is not at all uncommon for employers...


Top 1 Copywriting Tip for 2013

The reign of content as king is nearing its second decade and it’s a more demanding master than ever. More and more brands, companies and individuals have jumped on the content bandwagon, increasing competition...


How To Choose Your Next Computing Setup

If you’re lucky, you have a level of control over your office setup. That’s a given if you work for yourself, but many web companies today are flexible with their employees. The overarching rule:...


Blogging Inspiration

Bloggers often care about their blogs as if they were their children, and their day be ruined by a low number of site views. Blogging does end up taking quite a lot of time...


Crowdfunding Do’s and Don’ts

Ok- you have your project ready to put out to world and get donations to see your dream take form. And you’ve decided which platform to use. Whether it be Kickstarter, Indiegogo or a...

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